May 18, 2012

end of the school year!

Yipppeeee!  We are so excited, only 2 REAL days left of school :)  Here’s how we have been spending our last days..

this time of year, I always have a lot of gifts to wrap.  Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time to go buy cute wrapping material.  Here’s what I did with what I have: packing tape, kraft paper, yellow raffia, and stamps.



easy sweet watercolor note cards…directions found here

thank yous





I also have been working (just a little) on Molly’s end of the year party decorations (by the pool)

052 053 056

Last week, I had the privilege of helping host a graduation party for our adorable, sweet, and very much loved by 3 little girls baby sitter, Emily. 


She has the sweetest group of friends.  I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I was in her place…excited about college, ready to blow this town and never look back ;)


I take no credit for this adorable party – all the work of the hostess whose home the party was at.


I will give you a yummy super easy punch recipe though, seen in the drink dispenser above.

  • 1 2 liter bottle sprite
  • 1 12 oz. can frozen limeade
  • frozen raspberries and lime slices.  the end.  how easy is that..and yum!






The hostesses with the party girl: Paula, me, Emily, Molly, & Martha

And lastly I will leave you with this bit of fun provided by Pops (my dad)

013 014 016

Who needs six flags when you can ride under a fountain?


Have a wonderful weekend and start to summer (for some of you!)

May 10, 2012

chalk it up


who doesn’t love a chalkboard..and we have 4 in stock!  email us (hello @  Mother’s day is just around the corner and these would make lovely gifts with a sweet message written on them. 

What are your Mother’s Day plans?  I imagine mine will involve a breakfast of a granola bar & coffee-that i make (MJ has been planning and is super happy that I usually just eat a granola bar for breakfast because that’s easy to “make”).  Molly has been carrying around a “list” of gift ideas that I helped her make.  On that list are 2 things I would like – a label maker & a new toaster and next to it - where to buy them.  Surprises are overrated anyway :)  Have a lovely weekend!

May 3, 2012

frames and pictures to go in them

well for me at least..

These past months have been a complete whirlwind!  We had spring break, Easter parties, Easter, field trips, field day, a new nephew (my 2nd one this year!) and more.  These girls keep me busy and as they get older my time to blog has dwindled.  But I am here now so let’s see some frames.  Then some of my favorite pictures over the last 2 months…

I love this frame:

field day, frames 067 

I think mostly because it’s a mix of old and new (new wood, old wood with that great chipped paint from years ago, plus a touch of gold).  But it also reminds me of the color block craze going on and I am a total sucker for trends.  I mean how else would I know what I am supposed to wear ;)  (can you tell this is not arre typing)

field day, frames 066

It’s really cute and only $37.00 so grab it up while you can (i am going to wait to put it on the shop for a week to give you blog readers first dibs).

field day, frames 069

We also have some 16x20, 11x14, 8x10s in stock for you portrait lovers out there!  Leave a comment with your email (or email us at hello at for more info)

So onto what I will be filling my frames with:



i mean really who can get enough of mills & cellie?

 120 121 122 126

molly is my worrier so I absolutely love pictures like this – when she is truly truly happy and carefree


and this one makes me laugh.  Mills looks like a super hero.  She has gotten to where she puts her hands  on her hips when she is trying to be really grown up.  She may be onto something.


all of Easter Mills covered her face for pictures..


The grandpas checking out fish


and making Molly laugh



strawberry picking field trip

075 083

and is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!


field day 2012

field day, frames 003

go orange!

 field day, frames 041

 field day, frames 061

and I think that wraps it up!  Enjoy your weekend!

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