February 26, 2010

Two Friends

Acting on a last minute idea, Kristen and I threw stewart & james into overdrive last Thursday and readied (as much as possible) me to pitch (isn't that what you call it?) our frames to a cute shop in Perry.

We scrambled to get our act together (and finish enough frames), I took her business cards (because we couldn't find mine) and I left five hours later than I originally intended (we all know that's not entirely s&j's fault) but I made it. to Perry. And we made a sell!

Two Friends in Perry, Georgia is now carrying stewart & james frames (along with a lot of other cute, cute stuff: votivo candles, toms, mac designs, you get the picture) so, if you're in the area, get over there! Maybe this weekend!

Either way, have a good one!

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February 24, 2010

knee deep

we are (quite literally) knee deep in frames

knee deep

a few new styles, lots of old styles, & as always, frames with stories to tell – coming soon.  So stay tuned :)

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February 23, 2010

pick a winner!

MJ may want to kill me for this in years to come, but she’s still little now so i can get away with it…..  She’s in the middle


lovely.  she will die about this in a few years.   but what good are we mothers if we can’t embarass our kids with pictures when they are older.

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February 22, 2010

a spring show

Hello!  I hope you had as beautiful of a weekend as we did here in south Georgia!  It was a delightful 70 degrees and all I could think about was summer trips, pool time, & wine on the porch (which is what i was doing while I was thinking about these things).  Oh how I am so ready for warm(er) weather!  Of course, on this Monday we were snapped back into reality with a dreary, wet, & cold day.  But it was fun while it lasted and it got us thinking and longing for a spring frame show!
Here (at stewart & james which by now you realize = me & arre), we LOVE home shows!  It gives us a chance to get some feed back on our frames and some much needed (& cherished) face time with our lovely customers.  Not to mention we are always up for planning a party and have had such a great time with our past hostesses that it doesn’t take long for us to be ready for another one!
So if you haven’t guessed it by now, this post is to see if anyone is interested in hosting a frame show! 
PAQ (possibly asked questions)….
  1. dates to look at: March – early May
  2. locations – as long as we can drive there in a day we’ll do it! (preferably less than a day, but we’ll talk ;))
  3. e-mail stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com for more info.
unfortunately we don’t have blog posts on all shows (before our blog life existed) but here’s a few links to check out on last year’s shows.
preparing for shows
albany 2009
and a little eye candy to tempt you
2008 albany show
alright now get your calendar out and send us an e-mail :) (stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com)
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February 18, 2010

snow & heart day tunes

Whoa!  so sorry for the lack of posting – but it’s not for a lack of happenings! First of all – the SNOW!  did you know it snowed in the south?  Of course you did because it was the biggest thing to happen to us (apparently) since the early 70’s.  Since school was canceled last Friday (yes, because of the snow!) we headed 45 minutes north to the lake for the weekend and didn’t get quite the snowfall that all of our fellow Albanians did, but the girls didn’t know the difference.


i think pops (my dad) was just as excited as they were082


and just to not leave out mills (and me too i guess, we were there)

me mills snow

and here are some tunes to enjoy as you go about your thursday

Now – if only I could’ve been working on frames instead of typing this post! :)  lots to post on frames (& book bins) soon!

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February 12, 2010

how cute is...


Family photos in the hall... but that's not all ;)

Betsy is working *two frame walls! With a beautiful baby liker her darling Biz, who can blame her?

Thank you Betsy! Thank you for sharing your precious pics and for supporting stewart & james!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d!
(I'm sneaking out early and heading to the beach - since hell has literally frozen over here)

*we can't take credit for all of the frames - s&j just makes an appearance in the second set!

February 11, 2010

l♥nny :: Issue 3

it's here! it's here! and it appears to be the most fabulous issue yet! i cannot wait to (*get through tonight's work event, meet a friday deadline (*covering an event that's not even happened yet), calmly *fingers crossed* pack for and travel to and quickly return from a weekend get-away, successfully co-host a jewelry show for a dear friend on Sunday (if you're local, COME!) so I can (finally)) curl up (with my laptop - I'm getting used to it, Michelle, I really am ;) ) and drink up every. last. page of this goodness. until then ...

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*i wrote this yesterday soooo, some of these things have now happened - whew!

February 10, 2010

love is in the air

or more precisely – scattered all over my house.  Mary James is loving Valentine’s Day this year and I am too!  We decided to make our own Valentine’s for teachers & grandparents this year…thank goodness we didn’t attempt to make them for the whole class.  While the girls were into it at first, MJ was DONE after 3 and molly was done after scribbling on one paper and squirting glue all over it.  After which i proceeded to “hurt her feelings” and be “MEAN” when I i suggested she use less glue.  After she stormed off crying, I was pretty sure she was done too. 
And for MJ’s school valentine party….
chocolate hearts to top the cupcakes that you know i made a week ago and are in the freezer waiting to be iced thursday night.027
and i made 5000 of these (or so it felt like i did) a few weeks ago for mj & molly to hand out as valentines.  Idea & instructions for heart candy canes came from here.
and now for the rest of the afternoon, I will be dealing with this.  See molly in the background pouting?  She still can’t wait until Daddy gets home to tell him how mean i am. :)
And they wonder why we don’t do arts & crafts every day.
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February 6, 2010

do y’all know how much we love you?


i’ll just show you….

Today, we dealt with these conditions

shop water

and this


all to find such greatness as this:

shop blue wood 

I really am lovin’ this wood!

On another (much cleaner) note…. I am going out tonight.  Yes, ME.  And MJ has never loved me more than she has when I put on this dress. (as you can see in the cell phone picture taken yesterday in a series of photos i took to see if arre would “ok” my dress for me..which she did, thank goodness, it’s all i have!)   I’m going with a group of girls and Jim is home with the kids (2/3 of which are sick-yes, AGAIN)). 

me dress up

As soon as I put the dress on, Mary James said “As soon as Daddy sees you {in this dress} he’s going to change his mind {about wanting to go}  Well, he didn’t change his mind, but may be re-thinking it all after tonight.  Say a quick prayer for him.

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February 5, 2010

how cute are…..


{banks, brandi, me (kristen), & the smitten girls}

This Friday Feature is jammed packed with some cuteness! It just so happens that we had a couple of request for portraits to be framed, one of those requests was myself, the other two were Brandi & Banks for their adorable kids. AND what a coincidence, all three customers (including myself again here) had their photographs taken by Smitten. You’ve read of our love of Smitten many times before, but here’s a post to see our collaborative efforts!




full disclosure: banks hasn't decided 100% on which frame - (hers is pictured in the middle) so it may be a different one, but I plan to follow up to show you where these frames are hung and include them in another Friday Feature!

Happy weekend & don't forget to photograph your moments (or call the Smitten girls..they are fabulous at it!)

Update: Banks is choosing a different frame, so the one pictured above (in the middle) is now available. It holds a 16x20 picture...check back to see her new one soon!

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spot ON

If there is one thing dear Kristen does not pay attention to, it is what's going on around her. She just... really doesn't care (in a good way. this is not sounding offensive is it??)

Last week, after she'd been planning Mols' carnival party for months, I learned that the (real) circus was in going to be here at the same time and Anthropologie sent out their latest, CIRCUS themed catalog at the same time.

Whoa. Kristen, I do not know what to do with this trendspotting version of you ;)

anthropologie image, found here

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February 4, 2010

I'm tired of the cold

i want to be here


and look like her ;)

image via mymu
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February 2, 2010

a carnival party

I’m not really sure how this happened.  From what i can remember molly was an idea. Her calm delivery, her pretty seamless (said very loosely) infant-hood, flew by.  I always knew i would have a middle child and i knew how she would be.  Kind of like me (also a middle child of 3 girls) but a with a little more rebel flair.  And then she was born, then she was 1, then 2, now 3?!  THREE…my middle child is 3.  When did it happen…or more like when i asked her: “when did you get so big?!” her: “yesterday!”  me: “oh, right. yesterday." Time is flying  by. My 2nd baby is 3.  So grown. She’s already cooler than i ever was am and for this cool girl we had a (very cold!) carnival birthday party…enjoy!
mollys birthday 041    mollys birthday 052
mollys birthday 051
thank you to arre for help with the setup and i am sorry for throwing a stick at your head (the stick was thrown trying to decorate with the flag banners, arre’s head just got in the way)
 mollys birthday 055
mollys birthday 056
our ribbon chandelier hung over the gift table: my mom found the “branch”, jim removed the swing that hung from the ropes, & arre had the ribbon idea
 mollys birthday 057
  mollys birthday 080    cake mollys birthday 107
“happy birthday” sign i was forced to move outdoors…
mollys birthday 088
so glad people came despite the weather!!
mollys birthday 089
 mollys birthday 094
the birthday girl
mollys birthday 099
blurry hands=uncontrolled excitementmj
mollys birthday 066
and a few of our precious guests….
 mollys birthday 070mollys birthday 101 mollys birthday 109
a fun-filled day with a budget friendly party – if you’d like any how-to’s just ask and I would love to share! And check out MJ’s princess tea party from last summer for another fun party idea.  Happy week everyone!
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