February 22, 2010

a spring show

Hello!  I hope you had as beautiful of a weekend as we did here in south Georgia!  It was a delightful 70 degrees and all I could think about was summer trips, pool time, & wine on the porch (which is what i was doing while I was thinking about these things).  Oh how I am so ready for warm(er) weather!  Of course, on this Monday we were snapped back into reality with a dreary, wet, & cold day.  But it was fun while it lasted and it got us thinking and longing for a spring frame show!
Here (at stewart & james which by now you realize = me & arre), we LOVE home shows!  It gives us a chance to get some feed back on our frames and some much needed (& cherished) face time with our lovely customers.  Not to mention we are always up for planning a party and have had such a great time with our past hostesses that it doesn’t take long for us to be ready for another one!
So if you haven’t guessed it by now, this post is to see if anyone is interested in hosting a frame show! 
PAQ (possibly asked questions)….
  1. dates to look at: March – early May
  2. locations – as long as we can drive there in a day we’ll do it! (preferably less than a day, but we’ll talk ;))
  3. e-mail stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com for more info.
unfortunately we don’t have blog posts on all shows (before our blog life existed) but here’s a few links to check out on last year’s shows.
preparing for shows
albany 2009
and a little eye candy to tempt you
2008 albany show
alright now get your calendar out and send us an e-mail :) (stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com)
post by kristen


  1. I am interested in hosting a show in Montgomery! Maybe a Thursday night or even a Friday evening in the spring could work...or a Saturday afternoon!

  2. I am moving to Thomasville in May and would love to host a show there sometime. I should probably get there and meet some people first though...so there will be some attendees!

  3. I would love to host a show, but I'm not sure how many peeps I could get to come - what is a good number of guests for y'all? ~Joni

  4. (or I'd be happy to co-host with any other Atlanta ladies.) ~Joni


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