February 2, 2010

a carnival party

I’m not really sure how this happened.  From what i can remember molly was an idea. Her calm delivery, her pretty seamless (said very loosely) infant-hood, flew by.  I always knew i would have a middle child and i knew how she would be.  Kind of like me (also a middle child of 3 girls) but a with a little more rebel flair.  And then she was born, then she was 1, then 2, now 3?!  THREE…my middle child is 3.  When did it happen…or more like when i asked her: “when did you get so big?!” her: “yesterday!”  me: “oh, right. yesterday." Time is flying  by. My 2nd baby is 3.  So grown. She’s already cooler than i ever was am and for this cool girl we had a (very cold!) carnival birthday party…enjoy!
mollys birthday 041    mollys birthday 052
mollys birthday 051
thank you to arre for help with the setup and i am sorry for throwing a stick at your head (the stick was thrown trying to decorate with the flag banners, arre’s head just got in the way)
 mollys birthday 055
mollys birthday 056
our ribbon chandelier hung over the gift table: my mom found the “branch”, jim removed the swing that hung from the ropes, & arre had the ribbon idea
 mollys birthday 057
  mollys birthday 080    cake mollys birthday 107
“happy birthday” sign i was forced to move outdoors…
mollys birthday 088
so glad people came despite the weather!!
mollys birthday 089
 mollys birthday 094
the birthday girl
mollys birthday 099
blurry hands=uncontrolled excitementmj
mollys birthday 066
and a few of our precious guests….
 mollys birthday 070mollys birthday 101 mollys birthday 109
a fun-filled day with a budget friendly party – if you’d like any how-to’s just ask and I would love to share! And check out MJ’s princess tea party from last summer for another fun party idea.  Happy week everyone!
post by kristen


  1. LOVED every minute of this! it's so fun to get to relive it here (and i'm even in my freezing cold office, so i'm getting the full effect)! xx

  2. oh yeh, and (DUH) great job, you SUPER MOM, you! your girls are so blessed to get to belong to you. -a

  3. Kristen, this is so cute! Happy birthday to Molly!

  4. puh-lease arre!! i couldn't do it all without lots of help!! but still it was sweet of you to say :)
    and thanks katy!

  5. Great job ladies, perfectly executed. Like us readers would expect anything less! You guys are brilliant!

  6. Oh, so fun, Kristin! I love it - all the details are adorable. Your girls are just so precious. I hope I can meet them in person one day!:) ~Joni

  7. Happy Birthday Molls!! Wish we could have been there!

  8. FOund it!!! Would love to hear ideas. Loved the invite and the braches everywhere. Are you a party organizer? You should be!


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