February 5, 2010

spot ON

If there is one thing dear Kristen does not pay attention to, it is what's going on around her. She just... really doesn't care (in a good way. this is not sounding offensive is it??)

Last week, after she'd been planning Mols' carnival party for months, I learned that the (real) circus was in going to be here at the same time and Anthropologie sent out their latest, CIRCUS themed catalog at the same time.

Whoa. Kristen, I do not know what to do with this trendspotting version of you ;)

anthropologie image, found here

post by arre


  1. hilarious arre!! it actually did cross my mind when i got the Anthropologie catalog! Which is fabulous by the way, it's only downfall - it does not contain anything in it with the letter "g" (i was looking for mj - they are doing the letter "g" this week at school and we have to cut out at least 3 things for the letter they are learning) but besides that... i'm lovin' it!! and the circus themed few weeks we've had :)

  2. let's not forget who gave you the circus theme idea! :)

  3. credit for the idea, but definitely not for the crafty execution!


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