February 18, 2010

snow & heart day tunes

Whoa!  so sorry for the lack of posting – but it’s not for a lack of happenings! First of all – the SNOW!  did you know it snowed in the south?  Of course you did because it was the biggest thing to happen to us (apparently) since the early 70’s.  Since school was canceled last Friday (yes, because of the snow!) we headed 45 minutes north to the lake for the weekend and didn’t get quite the snowfall that all of our fellow Albanians did, but the girls didn’t know the difference.


i think pops (my dad) was just as excited as they were082


and just to not leave out mills (and me too i guess, we were there)

me mills snow

and here are some tunes to enjoy as you go about your thursday

Now – if only I could’ve been working on frames instead of typing this post! :)  lots to post on frames (& book bins) soon!

post by kristen


  1. Um, if you are making book bins I MUST have one! Keep us posted on that...I am in LOVE!


  2. Cute snow pics. I wish that William had seen the snow in Savannah, but he was fast asleep and it didn't stick in the morning...maybe in another 20 years.

    AND...I want a book bin!


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