February 5, 2010

how cute are…..


{banks, brandi, me (kristen), & the smitten girls}

This Friday Feature is jammed packed with some cuteness! It just so happens that we had a couple of request for portraits to be framed, one of those requests was myself, the other two were Brandi & Banks for their adorable kids. AND what a coincidence, all three customers (including myself again here) had their photographs taken by Smitten. You’ve read of our love of Smitten many times before, but here’s a post to see our collaborative efforts!




full disclosure: banks hasn't decided 100% on which frame - (hers is pictured in the middle) so it may be a different one, but I plan to follow up to show you where these frames are hung and include them in another Friday Feature!

Happy weekend & don't forget to photograph your moments (or call the Smitten girls..they are fabulous at it!)

Update: Banks is choosing a different frame, so the one pictured above (in the middle) is now available. It holds a 16x20 picture...check back to see her new one soon!

post by kristen


  1. i can't wait for you to post a pic of where you hung yours - they look so good!


  2. love those frames! they look great with the black/white photo.

  3. omg YAY!!!!! so exciting!!!! :D great work girls!!!!!


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