October 28, 2010

frames anyone?

We have been feverishly working to get ready for our show!  Mark your calendars (Nov 11-13), make your Christmas lists, and email us with your mailing address to receive a reminder in the mail (if you haven’t done so already) – hello @ stewartandjames . com


See you there!


kristen & arre


is it fall yet?

While it may be hot and humid around here…we are still trying to get into the spirit of fall.  So, like everyone else on facebook in america – we visited our local pumpkin patch (Mark’s melon patch). 232323232fp_9__nu=3242_998_8;3_WSNRCG=33;_727839338nu0mrj




We left a few pumpkins richer, a whole lot dirtier, and with a little feeling of fall.  Have a wonderful Halloween weekend! 

October 26, 2010


S&J feature for the week
While we were on a wood-gathering excursion last week (or was it the week before?), arre stumbled upon what was probably once a transom or an overdoor. we thought it was so cool that we decided to recreate it (over and over again!) as a new accessory for s&j





while the original piece isn't painted, we decided to spice our's up with a little color. here's what we're thinking for the diamonds:
over door colors3


October 25, 2010

Southern {Georgia} Wedding

My adorable friend, Katie, was married in the Spring of this year at her husband's family's perfect plantation.

Her day was captured by the amazing Chase Kuhn of 509 Photography. Her photographs are gorgeous - as is she - and now they are being put to even better use as her wedding is featured on SouthernWeddings blog! (twice!)

check it out for more photos (and some cute Katie+Crisp stories)!

Oh - and you may recognize this doll from TLC's Say Yes To the Dress - Atlanta because, yes, she was on there too!

photos courtesey of K. Gatewood. thanks lady!

October 19, 2010

a football birthday

My husband is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan, so we a few friends over for his birthday for the game on Sunday.  It was all so last minute and I have zero pictures to prove that it even happened.  But I will share with you the perfect present for a 34 year old and the “menu” for his falcons party:

criminal plus bdplus  White%20Dr_%20Scholls%20Socks

ski mask for playing “monster” (with kids) + bud light pajama pants + dr. scholls diabetic & circulatory socks (for his feet that need to “breathe” ) = one happy 34 year old

we have always made do with “masks” for playing monster – (which i’m guessing is pretty self explanatory – if not: lights all off, dad is monster, has something over his face to be scary, and hides and kids scream their heads off) but i decided to take it another level by going with the “burglar mask”, i’ll let you know how it goes over: or if you live in a mile radius you may HEAR how it goes.

And lastly, we made 34 notes for jim that we left all over the house in places he would likely visit (beer drawer in fridge, on his shampoo, car door handle, etc.)  It took him 3 days to find them all :)


Kids loved it and so did he.  As he collected, he taped them to the bathroom mirror.

On to the menu:  I kept this simple, easy, and as man friendly as i could.

  • boiled peanuts
  • cheese dip (i’ve listed before but it’s worth mentioning again)

4 cups shredded cheddar cheese

16 oz. sour cream

8 oz. cream cheese (softened)

3 or 4 chopped green onions

2 diced tomatoes

1 Hawaiian bread

mix all together (except for the bread). Cut the top off the bread, dig out the inside and fill the bread with dip.  It can be served hot (oven 350 for 30-45 min) or cold.  Serve with fritos

  • jalapeno poppers

20 jalapenos, cut in half lengthwise, filled with cream cheese, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese, wrapped in 1/2 a slice of bacon.  Laid them all out on a cookie sheet and cooked for 15-20 min. on 450.

  • -cupcakes (you know i like the kind in the box)
  • -wings (picked up from Loco’s)

happy footballing :)

October 18, 2010

just a little eye candy

for your monday.  have a wonderful one!

004 006 78

October 14, 2010


s&j feature this week….(check out last week’s here)


this adorable little number measures (roughly) 2 feet by 3 feet and fits nicely on a kitchen wall, in a kids room, or even your bathroom if you’d like :)  

just a few things

have you been wondering about our pumpkin patch?  i know it has been on your mind and you will be pleased to know it’s moving along nicely. we should have approximately 2000 pumpkins by Christmas – just in time right?! 


While it may be October, we still can’t give up playing in the hose..


and collecting hedge apples


BUT if you missed the 3 year old parents day at dance class, you really missed out.. you missed molly  behaving as though it is number 5 million on her list of things to do that day.


Mills was dying to be out there..she cared way more than molly so much so she had to be escorted out by her dad who she wishes gave birth to her



on another (very random) note…. how lucky am i to have a friend that will randomly send me photos like this:


mary james.   thank you shanna :)

October 12, 2010

the funnest

Apologies for incorrect grammar in the title (and coming up in the post) but I’m swamped with laundry, kids (fall break) and cooking for house warmers (i don’t think that’s what they are called either), but I want to wrap this post up and really can not think of another word besides funnest (because it really was just that- the funnest).  So here goes..

We attended the wedding of very good friend from college in beautiful Cashiers, North Carolina at the High Hampton Inn.  This weekend was the funnest (there i go again) in so many ways…


-amazing views (that’s us practicing for liza & shaw)


-yum signature drinks


-flip flops (& pashminas!) for guests




-bucket o’ matches


-napkins with fun quotes


-a beer boat


-3 (three!) cakes


- a picture stolen from the adorable nicole since i had none of both groom and bride..


and lastly – forever:


& now shaw :)

October 7, 2010

Picking a Pink

Possibly much to my husband's chagrin, I am painting four walls of our home pink. They are not big walls but they are prominent ones. And I ... can't. decide. which. pink.

That's right. Pink. I am painting a room in my house pink. And it is not (only) because I have four nieces five and under and a four year old sister - but I do think they'll love it ;)

I've been scouring the internet for months (seriously, our painter finished the entire rest of the house and left and he's about to return to do touch-ups and I still don't know.) and I'm starting to narrow it down.

i think i want a blush hue. even a pink with a little dirt in it. but not mauve. more than not-mauve, though i don't want it to look like a baby's room - at all (my mother-in-law thinks this is impossible - and she is an interior designer with great taste, so i should trust her). one idea she had that i'm really liking is to do a wash of color over the currently white walls. i also want it to be luminescent in some way ... i haven't even mentioned that to her yet ...

any ideas?

image source (who was oh-so-much help - thanks again Nicole!)

October 6, 2010

Lonny cuteness

Check out the cutest doll house. ever.

mini entrance - g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.


mini boudior - super cool.

made by Lonny, oooof course. via Curbed.

this is part of a (freaking awesome) Curbed-induced challenge that also included the Martha Stewart and Margaret Russell... and ... well, just go see for yourself - can't stand the cute/coolness. More finished results will be published (on Curbed's blog) throughout the week - so check back (again and again ;) ) 

for example, these photos are of what was dropped to the challenged parties. genius!

photo credit: lonny, curbed

p.s. there's a hint of my {new} house in lonny's dollhouse... can anyone guess what it is?!

chocolate butterbean

When my life feels like this:

 022  024 023

(out of control, my tap shoes don’t fit and the damn phone cord won’t unravel)

nothing makes me happier than a package that arrives looking like this…


We have been working with the talented Joni at Chocolate Butterbean (the name even makes you smile!) for some time now and she has been ever so patient with us and occasionally will mail us something to “look” at to help move us along.  And every time her cute little packages arrive Arre and i have a (much too long) discussion about how cute and tidy and perfect everything is that she does.  Maybe it’s because no parts of our lives fit into the cute and perfect and tidy category and her ability to be effortless about it is amazing.  In any event…. here’s a quick glimpse of her fabulous work and now if someone asks for some material on the frames we may just be able to finally send it to you!

 010 013

Thank you for all your patience and work Joni, you’re the best!

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