August 17, 2009

hedge apples & vine letters

hedge apples & vine letters are the 2 things arre and i centered our decorating around for the baby shower we helped host (with 8 others!)for our good friend, mandy. If you haven't noticed..there appears to be quite a baby boom going on and we've had a fun year of showers, but very few of them have been for boys! So when we were assigned the task for decorating for the shower, we were excited to try to come up with something different for this one. Mandy's little boy is going to be named ernie (hence the e's)
ernie's initials....

they were hung over the table

one large e hung over the gift table

one of the things i fell in love with about this house is the hedge apple tree out back (also called osage oranges - you can read about them here) the tree is so large it's hard to get a good picture of it...this picture is from underneath the tree.
you do not want to be standing under one of these in the late summer, early fall when they start to fall out of the trees! They are heavy and put a hole through one of our tables (it was a plastic table, but still)

they had just started to become the perfect size when the time for the shower came so we wanted to figure out some way to incorporate them into our decor

in typical arre form - she realized(?!) the day before the shower that she was in charge of the punch... and in even more typical arre form - she noted that she had no idea how to make punch. so after a quick search on the internet we came across this coffee ice cream punch, we were terrified it wouldn't be good (since we had never made it before), but it was YUMMY

mimosas & coffee punch

arre & mills

we had a blast and can't wait for this sweet baby to enter our lives!!

post by kristen


  1. Girls, these pictures are almost as beautiful as the shower itself was! Everything was so perfect, and the decorations looked like they came straight out of a magazine. You two are so great and I love you both dearly! Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL shower and for making my day so special!
    Ernie (and my mama Mandy)

  2. aw! Mandy's comment just made me almost cry. so sweet. i cannot WAIT for Ernie's arrival!

    doing this was such fun! Kristen, thank you for photographing and blogging about it.


  3. hedge apples? i've never heard them called that - i thought they were 'osage oranges' - i'm off to google both! the shower is darling and arre's punch sounds delicious! looks like lots of fun!!!!

  4. So perfectly simply, yet masculine and appropriate. I LOVE it!!! GREAT job!


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