August 4, 2009

wedding l♥ve :: katherine and warren by tammi nowack

A few weeks ago my lovely (and breathtakingly gorgeous) friend, Katherine, was married at (what I believe to be) the most beautiful Church in our sweet little town. The ceremony was just as beautiful - all parts (and there were a lot of parts). At the reception the new husband and wife were visibly head over heels and having the time of their lives. I've not stopped thinking about the couple, their day ...

Last week i was vistiting with Katherine - what a delight!- and got a sneak peek at their wedding pictures *eeeek*! After I caught my breath (literally) I took a closer look and realized she used local photographer Tammi Nowack. I've not met Tammi but her name is familiar to me from these girls (hints ladies?) and this post (oh, and this one too, actually). This was my first Tammi Nowack wedding experience and i was overwhelmed. The photographs are phenomenal! I would be obsessed with these pictures even if I didn't know and love the subject of them but the fact that they so wonderfully capture a day that was so glorious it transcends words just makes them that much more magnificent.

I can't not share them with anyone who is willing to look but i don't know Tammi and don't want to yank (all of) her images (but i couldn't resist just one - please forgive me Tammi!) so go to Tammi's web site (seriously. do this.), enter her blog and search for 'Katherine and Warren'. i know this can't be the simplest way to go - but it's the only way i know.

get ready to seriously swoon!

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  1. wow! those are amazing!!! oh, how i wish tammi was here when i got married!!! that veil photo is breathtaking! and yes, katherine is a gorgeous girl! what sweet photos! the groom was so cute for the photos and they do seem so in love! i "heart" her dress!!

  2. i love the pictures!!! they are so GOOD! (i'm tired-at a loss for adjectives right now but they are really better than good) katherine looked gorgeous!



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