August 10, 2009

Third Culture Kid

image: flickr (spotted here)

After (cyber-) acquainting myself with Meg I sooo want to have TCK - i'm sure Matt would totally go for that*. Good thing we're not even sure about the things on kid-front. at all. yet. That means we've definitely got time to discuss where they'll grow up ;) right?

*if you don't know my husband (or if you do and are thinking we are considering an international move), this is a joke. i seriously doubt he will ever even live outside of the Albany city-limits. But a girl can dream.
post (definitely) by arre


  1. even though matt's keeping your changes at 0% for leaving the ALB, i will not let you leave either. so .. you're out of luck. but hey, you do live in a PART of albany where your kid could pick up a little different culture and maybe become a TCK

  2. You know I'm so impressed with the kids I meet over here. They know more than I ever did...heck so more than I know NOW! But don't feel like you have to move across the world to culture your family -- just travel. Before our overseas posting J and I made a pact that we'd do 1 vacation every 2 years...because we wanted to trips to be long AND far away, so it was our only way of affording it both financially and with work. I wish I could make a job out of traveling, sigh. (though I guess my fear of flying would have to quickly go by the wayside)

  3. Thank you Court! Matt and I do try to travel and want to do so more. Hopefully if we do take the kid plunge we can (sometimes ;) ) drag them around the world with us!

    K - good point about the culture in my 'hood.



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