September 29, 2011


Close to a year ago, a friend of mine approached me about being part of a focus group for a product called familetime.  She gave me a little run down on the product and i was in!  Her brother-in-law is the man behind the product – Chris Hatcher.


Here is a little bit about the site (taken from the site)…

Familetime allows you to share family experiences today while recording lasting memories for tomorrow. With familetime, you can post photos, create messages and blogs, review the schedules of other family members, record family history and a whole lot more.

I was sold immediately – somewhere we can post pictures we don’t want on facebook, record memories we want our children to have access to, have a family calendar so I am not texting everyone on the day of a school program… I couldn’t sign up fast enough! 

Chris explained how this idea came about when he posted a video on youtube of his youngest child (1 of 3 boys) saying the pledge of allegience – mostly because he thought it was cute, wanted to show family, and couldn’t figure out any other way to share the video.  After the video has 200+ hits he took it off!  That is NOT what he had intended and he wished he could share things with his family without the world seeing it.

I will give you a little tour using snapshots from my family’s familetime.

Home page:

home page

As you can see, to the left are all the family members (you can include as many or as few as you’d like) here I have included My mom & dad, my two sisters and their husbands, along with all our children.  You create an account for each child and I will get to why in the next few screen shots! Notice the pictures in the middle top section above – you can add photos to your own account and tag family members in them, the last 20 photos uploaded are available for viewing by scrolling through with the arrows at the top of the page.

Notice the refrigerator – it’s like a wall – you can “talk” here.

Next, I clicked on the Calendar to view our family’s calendar.  As you can see, there are a few events listed.  When these events are within a 7 day window from today’s date – they show up on the homepage (above) to the right under familevents.  My older sister (with kids) & I love to use it to “book” our parents to keep kids :)


Click on the recipes tab and the following window appears!  This is one of my favorites…I can’t tell you how many emails have passed between me, sisters, and my mom regarding recipes.  We’ve just gotten started but I hope to have the page filled pretty soon and then no more questioning about recipes – they will all be there for the fam to see!


If you click the “add recipe” button above the following window appears

recipe details

so easy to add your recipes!

Next tab: famileblog.  I don’t have a screen shot for that but it is just that – a blog for the family!

NOW!  Here comes in the family record keeping! Remember when I said that you make an account for each child – this is why. You can click on one of the family members listed on the left hand side and it’s that individuals personal life book.  Here, I have logged in as Mills so I could update her familetime account.  But really, if I wanted to just view her details I could’ve stayed logged in as me and just clicked her picture.

mills details 

As you can see, there are different categories to add info.  The idea is that when Mills is old enough, she will have control over her familetime page but will be able to see (and retain) all the info I added over her childhood.  When you add photos you can “tag” other family members in the photos so that it shows up in their familetime categories.

Next, I logged in as MJ because she wanted to add to her “Wish List” – her FAVORITE part. 

mj wish list

How wonderful for the grandparents, aunts, uncles to see this for Christmas! 

There is much more to come for familetime! In the future look for a History Section (In Memoriam, Medical and Written HiStories) and an ICE Box (“in case of emergencies” section). 

Go sign up today, you’ll be glad you did!  Oh and only one person pays for the account ($9.95/month or $85 for the first year), you add the rest of the family members and they enjoy familetime for free.

September 28, 2011

two steps forward...

... two steps back. Or at least something like that.

In house news, we finally have hardware on our kitchen cabinets (we are still missing three cabinet doors and three drawers (not to mention one entire cabinet and a pantry) but who's counting?). We also have a working laundry room (it looks basically the same but I can wash clothes at home, so I'm counting it as a win (I really have to reach for those) aaand we finally installed shoe molding in the rooms that were missing it - which were many, in case you were wondering.

We now however, have this situation going on in our den:

That's right, the painters are back. I'm not sure how much blog time I gave the painting of this house last year but it was, in a word, the-longest-process-of-this-entire-experience. And, as evidenced by the above photo, they didn't even finish the job. So here we are (NINE. MONTHS. LATER.) with the painters back again - this time to finish.

I'll (try to remember to) keep you posted.


September 27, 2011

hair love

I always want and never get a new hair look.

For my entire life my hair has been light brown (I didn't actually realize this until a boy told me it was brown. and this was only a few years ago) and wavy and basically long - save for the jet black curls I had at birth - maybe I was switched - and the white blonde streaks i would inadverdantly end up sporting at the end of every beach-filled summer of my childhood.

A couple of years ago I cut it shorter than my shoulders, which - for me - was short! It's taking forever to grow long again. And I'm not even sure I want to. Not every day, anyway.

I'm always collecting images of hair I wish I could have. My hair-guru (that's you, Leslie) always tells me which ones aren't possible (it's most of them *le sigh*).

But it's still fun to dream.

this is my latest (as in today) idea:

If any hair rockstars out there think they can tackle one of these styles on this mane, let me know!

unfortunately, many of these images were collected without sharing in mind, so i don't know their source. the ones i do know are linked, though: 1, 5 & 12

September 26, 2011

Being Followed By...


I met Callie in my early foggy college days.  I am sure it was one of those rush parties.  She is (was? or are we for life?) a sorority sister.  While the parties I don't remember that well (I am still not sure what happened or didn't happen or was supposed to happen or not that first night, are you as confused as me yet?) but i will always remember the amazing group of girls I met that day and I absolutely LOVE running back into them and being reunited whether in real life or online.  I re-found callie when I came across her blog and was able to catch up on her adorable fun life!  She just recently (as in less than 2 weeks ago) had her second child (Rinne - how cute is that name?!) to accompany her equally adorable 1st child - Rush.   Check out her cute stationery business - Calliespondence! and well, here is she is to tell you about it :)

kristen was one of my sorority sisters at the u. of georgia! she always had great style and i LOVE what y'all have done with s&j in using reclaimed products and giving them a new life. i'm big on recycling and reusing so that really gets to me!

Favorite s&j Reads:

hmm...i kind of like it all?? i love seeing how your clients incorporate s&j into their homes in your "how cute is..." series and also what's going on in your own lives and projects. OH and the recipes and party features are great too!

Give Me More:

can't think of anything?

Daily Blog Lovin':

let's see, i love elements of style (, urban grace (i think y'all have a tie to them? so fun! --, fly through our window (, dixie delights ( and of COURSE s&j :) several more, too, that are listed at the bottom of my blog - there are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers out there!!

Why Blog?

i love getting ideas from creative folks out there...and also hearing relatable stories / advice that i can use in my own life. wow that was deep. no really, i rely on other bloggers to tell me what's in fashion, what i can make in the kitchen for dinner tonight, how i can make my house look fabulous, what i can do with my crazy 2 year old little boy...AND make me laugh. it's a tall order, but somehow i am always fulfilled!

and about your blog...

What is your blog about?

my blog focuses primarily on stationery, but i really enjoy doing features about the parties (and weddings!) my clients throw for which the invitation sets the stage, home decor (we just moved and have been slowly trying to get the house up to speed - and will definitely be needing some s&j on these walls), things i run across that are fabulous in fashion and elsewhere, the occasional recipe and also goings-on around atlanta, where i live.

Where is your blog?

(website is

How old is your blog

coming up on a year next week!

and that week has since passed, so happy birthday to calliespondence!

Why {do you} blog?

originally i started blogging to have an interface with my clients...i thought the website was very one-sided and i much prefer a dialogue as to a monologue! i've found it's a fantastic way to show new ideas and products to my clients, and have them get to know the gal behind the scenes - and for me to get to know them as well, which i love. i have so enjoyed being a part of the blogging community; it's the MOST fun!

Thanks for following us, Callie! And keep up the adorable work!

p.s. I love that Callie "remembers" me having great style - her college years were obviously a little "foggy" too because all i wore were second hand clothes and looked like a thrown away hippie..

this post was written by Kristen

September 20, 2011

it’s that time of year again

We are getting out orders and starting to stock pile for our annual Albany Show, more details to come soon!  In the meantime be sure to e-mail us at hello @ stewartandjames . com with your updated mailing address to receive an invitation. 


a quote

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


i don’t know about you (you meaning you with small kids) but my bones ache every night and I have a feeling it has something to do with these 3.  but they are worth it all as are all things that make your life worth living.  I don’t always do it right but we always have tomorrow.

September 19, 2011

Being Followed By...


Much like our first follower featured, Rebecca is one of my oldest friends (full diclosure: at almost 30 years old, the majority of my (real, true) friends are among that same group (that group being 'oldest friends'. Is that strange? Discuss.). She is hilarious+smart+a lot of fun - most of the prerequisites for me to like you (in case you were wondering. the smart part is not necessary though. that wouldn't be fair ( to you)). She lives a state away :( and is currently planning her wedding :D which I wish she would blog about... 

Here she is:

I discovered s&j when Arre, my dear friend of almost 19 years, started it. I guess I don't remember exactly how or when, but I have been following it since the beginning!

Favorite s&j Reads:
I love reading about Kristen's precious girls, but I love when they mention new websites, recipes, drinks, travel and of course, seeing how other people use all of the beautiful frames in their home.

Give Me More:
I think I would like to see a feature like a 'Fab Friday" and it features one fabulous new thing discovered by either Kristen or Arre, or by the suggestions of their followers. That would be a great way to feature a variety of different things!

Daily Blog Lovin':

Why (read) Blog(s)?
I think blogs are a wonderful distraction to my own life, and they give us a glimpse into the worlds of so many other things.
I used to blog...about finding great fashion deals for women of all ages. It lasted maybe a couple of months then I felt like my material was lacking....maybe I should start a new blog about my dog. It could be called "Charlie and Me," or I could blog about wedding planning and how it can easily make one crazy.

Thanks for following us - always! Can't wait until you start your new blog... you're going to do it, right?!


September 16, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Without even noticing, I've collected primarily fashion oriented links to share this week... I guess that's because 
Fashion Week took over the world blogosphere - what fun!

  • J.Crew made their Fashion Week debut and knocked it out of the park!

  • Erin attended (!) (Fashion Week, that is - not J.Crew - TORY BURCH!) and looked amazing. but she wasn't the only one. Even the invitations were phenomenal. 

{This just in! In case Erin's week didn't start out fabulously enough, it ended with a gift from KELLY WEARSTLER. (yes, that Kelly Wearstler) What a designer darling Mrs. Gates is turning out to be)}

  • Jordan has me already thinking about Christmas with these super cool strings of lights. (Full disclosure, it's not entirely her fault. I work in retail. I've been thinking about Christmas since July (market).

  • A new downtown shop brought the festivities to Albany with mimosas last Saturday morning. I hadn't been in before, and to be honest it was the drink offering that lured me their way, but once I was there (and before I had a total buzz) I stumbled upon more than one great find. If you haven't shopped at Verge yet, this weekend would be a great time to get there. 

My finds were so fun that I don't want to share them with you in such a busy post but here are your hints: fur, sequins and skin!  

  • Another super fun part of living in this super small and sometimes boring town here is the fact that very few Albanians get into Target's designer collaborations, sooooooo while my way hipper friends were lamenting from their big cities over the instant sell-out of Missoni for Target (in their stores and on their computers), I scored at our store ... after work. There wasn't even anyone else looking!

I wish I could've/would've(?) gotten more - but I was very self controlled and only got the contents of two (small) shopping bags.

And I haven't yet had time to get into the latest issue of Lonny (confession: I actually just read the last one a week ago - for shame!) but it's cover, sporting a pink sofa and the tagline: Fall Fashion Issue, is promising. Hopefully this weekend will allow time for a little downtime indulgence.

Now that I'm thinking about it, Rachel Zoe was on the series finale of Entourage and a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie opens this weekend... maybe fashion week has taken over the world. 

Happy Weekend!


September 15, 2011


Last week Molly was sick – well sort of, she was definitely sick on day 1, but by day 2 I thought she may still be contagious so I kept her home from school. Well, home with my mom at her house because I had a lot to catch up on.  But my mom just sent me the pictures of how they spent their day and I must say – I wish I had a sick day at her house!  Here they are



noticed butterflies everywhere



they then found this (on the tree house at my parents house)


and witnessed this:


I’m so happy my only nature loving child was the one to witness it.  I did hear all about it that day but it’s nice to have pictures to go along with the story.

have a beautiful day!

September 12, 2011

Being Followed By...


Welcome (back!) to what is sure to become an actual series this time around! 

I think I met Lindsay in college (true or false, Lindsay?!) ... regardless, I remember these three first impressions (can you make three 'first' impressions? i'm going to go with yes - actually, these three elements made up a singular first impression. how about that?) about her:
  • Before I met Lindsay, it had never before occurred to me that Lindsey could be spelled with an 'a- how clever!
  • She likened her last name to Fritos (I still can't get over that - even though it's not been her last name for years!
  • Her fun-loving personality and big smile were infectious - and I'm sure they still are - I just don't ever see her in the real world anymore :(
Lindsay is a mother and an artist and her blog, Paint Me a Picture, not only showcases her crafty nature and adorable artwork but also gives readers a peek at her charmed life accented by two darling boys! And she has a little series of her own going on right now - be sure to check out ♥ I heart art ♥ on her site.

And here she is:

I joined Etsy back in May of 2009. I was searching around for handmade goods and found S&J's Etsy shop which led me to their blog only to discover I knew Arre in person I just didn't know she was part of S&J. 
It's a small world after all.
Favorite s&j Reads:
I think my favorite things would be Kristen's posts on what I like to call mama-drama. She never gives the impression life is all unicorns and rainbows, though I am sure there are lots of the two around her house with three girls. My other favorite would have to be their travel posts filled with site seeing shots and food pictures.

Give Me More:
I just love the "how cute is" posts. It's fun to see where S&J products end up so keep those coming!

Daily Blog Lovin':
Plum Tree Studio, From the Natos, and Eclectic Whatnot, oh and Life Made Lovely (each are linked)

why {do you read} blog{s}? 
To keep up with friends lives (IRL friends and real life ones), for inspiration, for encouragement, for amazing finds, for creative ideas. 


what is your blog about? Paint Me a Picture is about tales of my own mama-drama, inspiration, art I adore, art I create, handmade goodness I come across, and the occasional DIY project complete with horrible directions and too many pictures.

where is your blog?  

how old is your blog? 
I think I started blogging back in 2005 and had a person blog that maybe one other person read. In 2009 I started Paint Me a Picture to help share the art I created online, kind of like using my blog as a free website. I started connecting with other bloggers and my blog evolved into what it is today.

why {do you} blog? 
I blog to share inspiration and funny stories, to give a glimpse inside my life and my "studio". I grew up keeping a journal and did so until a few years ago. Now having a blog allows me to journal and share it with others.

Thanks for following Lindsay! We not only appreciate your interest in s t e w a r t  &  j a m e s  but also your dedication to communities like etsy and the blogosphere. Keep it up! 


(I meant to start this last week but the whole week-starting-with-a-holiday-thing really threw me for a loop! It will be a Monday feature, so if you don't already frequent stewart & james, be sure to check back weekly to meet new peeps)

this post was written by arre. i don't know how i logged on as stewart & james...

September 8, 2011

Jenna Lyons :: Can't Get Enough

The latest installment of Jenna Lyons love can be found in Vogue UK. Or all over the blogosphere (thank goodness - I'm not exactly sure how to get my hands on a current issue of Vogue UK around these parts).

Even though this article doesn't appear to really offer up anything new in the way of what is shown, Jenna's home is one that is endlessly inspirational ... in a real way.

Though the particulars are out of my world for sure, the look is attainable: Moroccan rugs and mid-centruy furnishings, a very edited (read: black and white only) palette with very strong - and fairly singular - accent colors (hot pink! electric yellow!). And I think that's the draw.

Sort of like the the doll at the helm of J.Crew herself.

image source

September 7, 2011

Bellum Designs :: A little more alive now

Remember this?

Well, she still doesn't have a website... or an etsy store... or a blog but she does have a Facebook page for her Bellum Designs wares!

Find her here and check back for updated inventory as well as any news on shows, retailers and maybe even a website... or an etsty store ... or a blog ... one day.

For more information email bellumdesigns {at} gmail {dot} com

and if you're interested in the earrings featured in this post, let me know because she left a few pairs in Albany for me to sell.

September 6, 2011


in case {Oh}Joy{!} is not cute enough, are you going to be able to stand the mini her that's on the way?! check out the doll's already growing shoe collection for a teaser.

ohhh joy!!!

image source

September 5, 2011

fish tacos

With less than a month left until fall I have been embracing some summer favorites.  One staple around here all summer were avocados.  And the first dinner that comes to mind when wanting to incorporate avocados are fish tacos.   The kids love them and so do we so we had Matt & Arre over for some fish tacos last week and thought I would share some pics with you!


this fed 4 adults and 3 children


  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 can of black beans
  • sour cream
  • 1 jalapeno chopped
  • lime juice
  • lemon juice
  • salt & pepper
  • 2 avocados
  • chopped cilantro to taste
  • 1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes
  • lemon pepper (optional)
  • 5-7 white fish fillets(i used tilapia)
  • 10 flour tortillas
  • 1/8 – 1/4 cup red onion chopped (use more or less depending on your taste)
  • tortilla chips

Season your fish!  We grilled ours but first seasoned with lemon pepper, olive oil, & lemon juice.  I split the 7 (small) filets into 3 tinfoil “boats” for grilling.


and wrapped them up, put in fridge until time to grill


next on to the chopping!




and rinsing


Combine the following for your taco “salsa”


  • 1 cubed avocado
  • 1 pint of grape tomatoes halved or quartered
  • 1/2-3/4 can black beans rinsed/drained
  • 1/8 cup diced red onion
  • splash extra virgin olive oil
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • chopped cilantro to taste


I like to add a little heat – so I chopped up a jalapeno (seeds and all) and mixed with a cup of sour cream as another topping


surprisingly I had not eaten all the avocados in the process of chopping and mixing so i was able to make some guacamole with the what was left:

  • 1 cubed avocado (or whatever you have left)
  • sprinkle of red onions, chopped
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • juice of 1/2 a lime

mash with a fork until it’s the consistency you like




Grill your fish (5-10 minutes depending on size).  Roughly chop up fish for ease of adding to a taco.

and very important: throw your flour tortillas on the grill at the last minute just to crisp them a bit.

add toppings and enjoy!

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