September 12, 2011

Being Followed By...


Welcome (back!) to what is sure to become an actual series this time around! 

I think I met Lindsay in college (true or false, Lindsay?!) ... regardless, I remember these three first impressions (can you make three 'first' impressions? i'm going to go with yes - actually, these three elements made up a singular first impression. how about that?) about her:
  • Before I met Lindsay, it had never before occurred to me that Lindsey could be spelled with an 'a- how clever!
  • She likened her last name to Fritos (I still can't get over that - even though it's not been her last name for years!
  • Her fun-loving personality and big smile were infectious - and I'm sure they still are - I just don't ever see her in the real world anymore :(
Lindsay is a mother and an artist and her blog, Paint Me a Picture, not only showcases her crafty nature and adorable artwork but also gives readers a peek at her charmed life accented by two darling boys! And she has a little series of her own going on right now - be sure to check out ♥ I heart art ♥ on her site.

And here she is:

I joined Etsy back in May of 2009. I was searching around for handmade goods and found S&J's Etsy shop which led me to their blog only to discover I knew Arre in person I just didn't know she was part of S&J. 
It's a small world after all.
Favorite s&j Reads:
I think my favorite things would be Kristen's posts on what I like to call mama-drama. She never gives the impression life is all unicorns and rainbows, though I am sure there are lots of the two around her house with three girls. My other favorite would have to be their travel posts filled with site seeing shots and food pictures.

Give Me More:
I just love the "how cute is" posts. It's fun to see where S&J products end up so keep those coming!

Daily Blog Lovin':
Plum Tree Studio, From the Natos, and Eclectic Whatnot, oh and Life Made Lovely (each are linked)

why {do you read} blog{s}? 
To keep up with friends lives (IRL friends and real life ones), for inspiration, for encouragement, for amazing finds, for creative ideas. 


what is your blog about? Paint Me a Picture is about tales of my own mama-drama, inspiration, art I adore, art I create, handmade goodness I come across, and the occasional DIY project complete with horrible directions and too many pictures.

where is your blog?  

how old is your blog? 
I think I started blogging back in 2005 and had a person blog that maybe one other person read. In 2009 I started Paint Me a Picture to help share the art I created online, kind of like using my blog as a free website. I started connecting with other bloggers and my blog evolved into what it is today.

why {do you} blog? 
I blog to share inspiration and funny stories, to give a glimpse inside my life and my "studio". I grew up keeping a journal and did so until a few years ago. Now having a blog allows me to journal and share it with others.

Thanks for following Lindsay! We not only appreciate your interest in s t e w a r t  &  j a m e s  but also your dedication to communities like etsy and the blogosphere. Keep it up! 


(I meant to start this last week but the whole week-starting-with-a-holiday-thing really threw me for a loop! It will be a Monday feature, so if you don't already frequent stewart & james, be sure to check back weekly to meet new peeps)

this post was written by arre. i don't know how i logged on as stewart & james...


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