January 30, 2010

back on track

  well, almost.


Yesterday, everyone woke up happy, healthy, no fevers, & raring to go.  This is monumental – because we have had the F-L-U !  I quarantined my family so as not to add to the spread of the mania of the H1N1 (not 100% it was H1N1 but 100% positive it was the flu), and we’re officially not contagious! Just in time for Molly’s birthday party (tomorrow!)…but not in time for me to get ready for it like I wanted to.  I am moving it outside, for my sanity and my guests’ health.   The picture above was our one attempt at getting out of the house (to the backyard) during our week of sickness.  We quickly headed back in.

As for molly’s birthday…her wish list includes a merry-go-round or a diamond, either one will be fine.   The girl shoots high, but will be happy with a hug.

Happy Happy weekend and I will be back with party pictures soon!

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January 29, 2010

how cute is...

Angie's {new} frame wall?!

This is just the newest addition to Angie's s&j frames, she's been our avid supporter ;) See the rest of her collection here. She said this makes her smile every day. Hearing that makes ME smile!

Thank you Angie, for continuing to love stewart & james. You did such a great job creating your frame wall!


Chuck Leavell

The man who Ketih Richards credits with the continuity that makes "the Stones the Stones", renowned pianist and keyboardist, Chuck Leavell will be playing in Albany on Friday, February 5 (a week from today!). Leavell, who can be recognized for working with such musical forces as Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, George Harrison, The Allman Brothers Band, The Indigo Girls, Blues Traveler, Train, Montgomery-Gentry and Lee Ann Womack, will be at the Albany Municipal Auditorium playing an event to benefit local recovery residence for women, Graceway.

I think this is so cool. I'm proud when Albany pulls something like this off ;)

Tickets are available on ticketmaster

January 27, 2010

Isn't she lovely?

In case the adorable Mary Catherine over at Lilies and Sparrows didn't already make me absolutely swooooon, look at what she's gone and done now? Absolutely precious. L♥VE you, sweet girl.


Apple iPad

So, it's here. What do you think?

January 26, 2010

{even more} Hope for Haiti

The wildly creative team at Stray Dog has a vested interest in the people of Haiti.

Artisans who are responsible for the production of their wares are Haitian. In response to the recent tragedy, Stray Dog has created a direct relief fund for their beloved workers.

Learn more and help out here.


DwellStudio is donating 100% of their proceeds to Unicef for Haiti for 24 hours only and matching each dollar raised - starting tonight! Thanks for the heads up, Joslyn

and (still) don't miss other opportunities to help...

Conan O'Brien

Good at sincerity too?! This is so surprisingly heartfelt and moving (yes, i think so) and ... from a comedian! Doesn't that just make it that much better?! Gotta love a wise guy with a kind heart.

January 25, 2010

on facebook?

become our fan!
find us here: s t e w a r t & j a m e s

yes, please


if this was my wardrobe for a week,

~because surely at least one day would require two looks~

i'd be one happy girl

at least for a week.

images: Vanessa Bruno found here by way of her ;)

January 22, 2010

a lot

i have learned a few things this week.
1.  3 children are a lot of children.   it’s a lot.  they are cute and mills’ thighs are still so squeezable i can’t resist her, but i now realize i have a lot of children. 
2.  molly’s birthday party – i have a lot to do, but these pictures let me relax a little…i have also done a lot
3.  mj is growing up.  it makes me sad and happy a lot.  i know if you don’t have kids you’re saying – pick one – happy or sad. but i can’t..it’s both.
but i’m soo excited that pretty soon we will have a lot of frames for you!  happy weekend!
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January 20, 2010

Hope (of all sorts) for Haiti

Efforts to aid Haiti, in the midst of such horror, are such a beautiful reminder of the humanity that is, in fact, hidden all over the world.

Some close to our home; others our heart:

-We are beyond grateful to be able to be a part of craft hope's creative and communal effort. Find us (among great company) here.

-The always incredible Mission:Change has organized this movement for the Albany area. Hopefully there is something similar near you.

-The sisters smitten have taken action to centralize hopeful giving to Shoebox4HAITI.

-To remind and be reminded of the hope there is, purchase and wear this. 100% of the proceeds will go directly here.

-JHill is doing something similar with her Places I Have Never Been desk calendar.

I hope I remember that I desperately want this anyway and buying it now is just sensible ;)

-And perhaps the easiest way to serve, and quite possibly earliest response with the most hopeful participation, text HAITI to 90999 to make a $10 donation. It takes about 11 seconds. and costs less than lunch.


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how bazaar

In case Serena & Lily didn't already make me swoon (and want to redo every bedroom in my house) enough, now they have this?! Girls, are you kiddin' me?!

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January 19, 2010

"Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future."

Whoa. What a sweet story of forgiveness.

quote by Paul Boese

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with a little help from my friends

photo by S.Scott

Among the many plans we have for stewart & james in 2010 is a little project with the lovely (do I always call her that?!) Joni of Chocolate Butterbean at the helm. She has been brilliantly reconceptualizing our brand (among other, more tangible things). We are absolutely thrilled at the progress she has already made.

While we cannot wait to reveal all of the exciting changes to you, it's just not quiiiiite time ;)

stay tuned...

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January 18, 2010

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that

Martin Luther King Day


not a day off

If there is not already an initiative in your area, set yourself apart be becoming a part. here's a wonderful way to be the change your community needs.

image by Shepard Fairey

stewart & james in 2010

Three years ago this very month, stewart & james was officially, albeit barely... existent. A (literal) couple of months before, we hatched the idea. Then scurried to make it a reality in time to show our - at the time imaginary - product at America's Mart January (2007) Market. We even made the pitiful little sign (above) ;)

Matt & Arre at Market (foolishly proud of our pitiful little booth)

In the years since then, the business (and Kristen's family (that's right she was pregnant with Molly when this whole thing started - but I digress) has grown exponentially (we have meetings now). We are hopeful for and being deliberate about this small business' future.

old camera 773 = 002

Not the least of the progress we've seen has come from this little blog. We are so thankful for our readers (and in some cases, subsequent customers!). Knowing you guys are out there (and reading your comments ;) ) is such an encouragement to us. Please know how appreciated you and (please!) keep checking in with us as we are excited to continue to share stewart & james with you!


kristen & arre

January 13, 2010

Winter {Wedding} Wonderland

The girls at Smitten have done it again.

i would have done lots of things to have gotten to be any part of a wedding so lovely... like even been a tree. or something inanimate such as that.
Even the "getting ready" (while cosuming "epic amounts of champagne punch") appears to have been fabulous. And can you imagine walking up to the adorable 'chapel' (& seeing the pair of Christmas trees - you gotta get to their blog) - every part of this wedding appears to have been simply divine.

oh and don't even get me started about the bride's fur stole. or her feather fascinator - be still my heart. pop over & swoon over the rest of the images for yourself. serioulsy, you have to. you do not want to miss the slipcovers. or the chapel at night. oh! or all of the mercury glass. or the 'framed' photos at the cocktail hour preceding the wedding (because yes, there was a cocktail hour preceding the wedding) or the bride!

that's it. i'm headed back now.

but not before showing you these:

and now this has taken me so long to compose, the reception is up too ...

January 12, 2010

i DON'T (think i) have baby fever



(celeb, but still)

family photos
could confuse me about that.


January 11, 2010

let us pray

for NieNie. Mr. Nielson said she could use it right about now.

January 8, 2010

how cute is…


my aunt lisa?!














We had lunch with family over at Lisa & Tony’s (my uncle) house for an early Christmas celebration last month.  I was able to snap a couple of pictures of some cute S&J frames she has purchased over the years – but I know she has more- i missed a few!  I’ll have to get her to send them.  How pretty is that sunset picture framed?  I’m such a sucker for sunsets – love it!

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January 7, 2010

did y’all know…

that I'm a planner.  Well i am, and you can already guess who is typing this if you have ready ANY of our blog before i even put “posted by” at the bottom.  So, true to form – i have hung a banner, for molly’s party. 24 days early.


It will most likely hang there until well after her birthday, but it’s her month and we’re honoring her – even if she tells you her name is jane (that’s who she is today) and she is 10 1/2 (she’s turning 3).

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January 6, 2010

love mad men?

then check this out. thanks d*s - you're the best.

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January 5, 2010

ok so i know

molly whines
above photo taken by camera phone as i type this post.  this is what whining looks like..
that i promised a frame post this week.  and while a good many of my hours have been frame worthy over the past two days – my camera died (well just the battery), molly’s voice has turned into a permanent constant whine, school started back, mj has dancing today and no warm leotard (it’s 40 degrees today- freezing for us in south GA!), and mj also has a dentist appointment that will no doubt be anxiety filled.  so no frame pictures today but it’s only Tuesday right?! So i will still post something about frames but for now a baby is waking up and Target is calling my name to please please have a long sleeved leotard on the rack.  in a size 4.  please. 
have a wonderful Tuesday!
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January 4, 2010

sofa :: so fine

I have been thinking (in.cess.antly) about the sofa on the cover of Michael S. Smith Houses for months now

Now Jamie posts this and I am about to die.

and did YOU have a similar something in your old bungalow, Court?

An all out obsession is welling up here.

(it reminds me of Jenna's too - great.)

images found on amazon, i suwannee and habitually chic
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