January 30, 2010

back on track

  well, almost.


Yesterday, everyone woke up happy, healthy, no fevers, & raring to go.  This is monumental – because we have had the F-L-U !  I quarantined my family so as not to add to the spread of the mania of the H1N1 (not 100% it was H1N1 but 100% positive it was the flu), and we’re officially not contagious! Just in time for Molly’s birthday party (tomorrow!)…but not in time for me to get ready for it like I wanted to.  I am moving it outside, for my sanity and my guests’ health.   The picture above was our one attempt at getting out of the house (to the backyard) during our week of sickness.  We quickly headed back in.

As for molly’s birthday…her wish list includes a merry-go-round or a diamond, either one will be fine.   The girl shoots high, but will be happy with a hug.

Happy Happy weekend and I will be back with party pictures soon!

post by kristen


  1. WHAT a precious pic! i am so glad you guys are feeling better and can't wait for tomorrow's party!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx


  2. aw <3 so glad ya'll are all better! and a happy birthday to molly!!!!! i have some prints for you, i've had them FOREVER i just keep forgetting to let you know!! call me! :)

  3. I guess I am a little late here...but I guess the flu pandamonium was starting when I ran into you and MJ the other day! I'm so glad that everyone is better! At least you do HAVE insurance :)!

  4. ha..yes Brandi!! and i was dragging her all over town that morning, with no idea. I'm glad we were in the car so as to maybe not transfer anything to you!


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