February 28, 2011

Seeing Red

While the "red carpet" may actually be fushia - or at least according to (Tim Gunn appointed-) color theorist Justin Timberlake - the ladies who rocked it were covered in crimson.

I actually think this was orange - but a red shade at least ;)

everyone else was either in purple

or white

what a streamlined "red" carpet!

February 22, 2011

A fairy tea party

a few weeks ago Molly and her friend Presley turned 4 and we had a fairy tea party in their honor!  The rain teased us all day but finally as the party got closer, the sun peeked out a few times so kids were free to play outside.  Here are a few fun shots from the day.

previous fairy tea party posts

decorations    *      invitaions      *       food & favors





the birthday girls



thumbprint cookies

pretzels dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles

cupcakes (from the box – made early and froze until morning of party)

tea (pink lemonade)

and for the adults: cheese dip in a Hawaiian bread bowl served cold (you’ve seen this before!)

    • 4 c shredded cheese
    • 16 oz. sour cream
    • 8 oz. cream cheese
    • 3 or 4 green onions chopped
    • 2 tomatoes diced

scoop out the hawaiian bread bowl, mix together ingredients, put into bread bowl and serve with fritos or pita chips

 028 029






last 3 photos by shanna scott

February 18, 2011

how cute is...


You may remember how just a few months ago we were celebrating Bethany in eager anticipation of this baby's arrival. They chose not to learn the baby's gender - such fun!

Well she's here now and is so dainty and beautiful there is no denying - she's such a girl!

Her nursery started out with a cream and green theme - so it could go either way. Sweet details like the hand painted flowers on the wall are girl-ing it up just enough.

Here's the (tiny) sweet girl now! Isn't she perfect?!

And our book bin is part of it all. Isnt't it precious (and by it, I mean the whole thing - not just the book bin)!?

Thank you Bethany for supporting and sharing with us!


have a happy weekend!

things are looking good :)

custom orders are getting checked off


temperatures are perfect for al fresco dining


and love is still in the air


make it a good one!


February 17, 2011

design MAVEN

i know i just mentioned Kelly Wearstler but I didn't know she was going to blow my mind again so soon.

She is launching a clothing linea clothing line. I mean, do you remember her endless fashion statements on Top Design? Design enthusiasts and fashion devotees alike tuned in weekly to see HER (and the contestants designs - well, at least when Matt was a contestant. I still think about his spread in Elle).

The New York Post's compilation of KW's TD looks

She makes a statement all the time. And it's usually loud. She's topped best dressed list for years, graces most of the pages of her books, has a friend (and client) in (the adorably outrageous) Gwen Stefani and has been building her brand all the while (um, hello groundworks for lee jofa, schumacher, a line at bergdorfs, sferra, the rug company, pickard china ... am i forgetting anything?!).

It shouldn't be a surprise that this is her next move - but it's so much more fun that it is!

And Curbed National has just posted looks from the line - killer!

Which are your favorites?!

February 15, 2011

hair how-to

Leave it to Joanna to count among her friends not only a hair expert - who looks like a model - but also a sartorialist-esque photographer (and have the west village apartment in which to shoot such a stylish spread).

The three got together and spit out this gorgeous hair how-to/photo shoot. so. lovely.

in other hair news, this double knot hair-do has inspired me too. i've been wearing a dumbed down version of it this week, which consists of me letting my part fall wherever (which is standard procedure for any way i style my hair) then blindly dividing it into two unequal pices and twisting and clipping (with the clip tucked invisibly under the twists) the two sections one over/beside the other. i haven't seen it but it feels like it must look good.

p.s. i have the duvet cover that is the backdrop of the photo series. and that makes me feel cool. sort of.

image source

February 14, 2011



love is kind

love is sticky

love is fun

love is sweet

love is hard

love is sharing

love is love

love is pink and red

love is valentines

love is when you love someone

happy valentine’s day

love definitions provided by kids aged 1-5 in carpool this week

February 11, 2011

How Cute Is...


Remember Shanna (or her house or daughter for that matter!)? Well, she has a new house and is still an enthusiastic supporter of stewart & james.

Here are a few shots of her keeping room - decked out in s&j

and occupied by her cutie patooties

thanks for sharing Shanna! we love you!

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