April 10, 2009

how cute is


Annabelle gets it honest.

Her Mom's warm (!) den is accented with Stewart and James frames

featuring none other than A.B.'s cute face!

(only our photographer friend would send us this last picture ;) we love you!

we, make that 'i', sort of dropped the ball last week and our blog went Friday Feature-less. Kristen IS the one who had the baby - but I was almost equally preoccupied with the little bundle of joy! Thus, this week's double feature!

photos courtesy of Shanna Scott

post by arre


  1. shanna - your den looks so good! i can't believe i'm seeing it for the first time on the blog and not in person. can't wait to see it n person too though!

  2. thanks kristen! bring yo'self and yo' newest baby (and any of the other ones too!) over sometime soon when you want to get out of the house and we'll hang in my "new" den! thanks again to arre for her creative design eye in helping me to pick out my fabrics and put it all together!


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