April 2, 2009

MY "office"

April 1 Office
April 1 Office by aflow on Polyvore.com

is often thought about, never worked on. last week a friend's observation "and i see you've done... nothing with this room" reminded me that, oh yeh, all of the updates i've done to my office have been in my head! it still looks exactly the same to everyone who doesn't live in there ('there' being my head, not my office). i'm not exactly (at all) in a position to actually purchase these items - and my mind, as you will see, is oft-changing - so i'm just going to blog about them. for now...

post by arre


  1. i think i need that rug for this "bonus/creative" room arre! it has that blue color and i've been thinking yellow (to give it a punch of brightness) would go well in here also - whaddaya think? i'll check out the zarahome.com website but i doubt it comes big enough and if so i doubt it comes cheap enough! ;)

  2. p.s. i totally dig your dream office...

  3. p.s.s. they don't even have the good ole' U.S. of A. as an option for "choose your country" on zarahome.com - what's the deal with that? AND they don't have the rug... bummer... i don't know the pounds/dollar exchange rate anyway (but obviously i could've looked it up)

  4. p.s.s.s. that was me above, Shanna, (obviously) but I forgot to change the name to my name. ok, this is enough, i've got to go feed my child and get supper ready!

  5. i know! i totally wanted to really order it for my office. it is def affordable enough - just not accessible :( sorry about that.


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