April 20, 2009

s i s t e r s

I'm so happy life gave my children sisters. I wouldn't have it any other way. I am one of three sisters and now my girls are (so was my mother by the way and her mother). It is a fun girly world we live in! When Jim and i told Mary James and Molly that they were going to be having another sibling, we really had no idea of the reaction - but we couldn't have asked for a better one out of mj and couldn't have expected anything else out of Molly (she really didn't care either way).

And if there were any question, there won't be after you watch the video - we are from south Georgia and yes, we sound like it. Also-sorry for the bumpy video..i don't know what was going on there!

luckily, that excitement was carried over once Mills joined us and her sisters love her (now, each other that's another story..but with Mills, they are smitten)


  1. well, kristen... how DID the baby get in there? ; ) i noticed you kept quiet and let jim answer that one... : ) jim subconsciously called it correctly - another baby sister! of course m.j. immediately equated your pregnancy with some type of fashion - your polka dot dress! : )

  2. ha! mj really stumps me sometimes, i had no idea how to answer that (or the 50 times it's been asked since)


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