April 1, 2009

(i usually think) April Fool's is mean

like last year when Erika emailed me that she was pregnant. with twins. i almost wrecked trying to read and re-read (i know, i know, i should not, repeat: should NOT be checking my email while driving - it's a bit of a vice) and call her cell and call her office and FIND HER to share my excitement only to learn that she wasn't even with child. singular or otherwise. (e, maybe this sheds a little light on my hesitancy to embrace everything you tell me with wild abandon about this child you are now actually with) a lot of trickery hurts my feelings actually (i know, i totally married the wrong guy). even if it isn't done to me it hurts my feeling for the tricked person. i do, however, have appreciation for some tom foolery. i have a friend who was born on April 1 and as his mom announced his arrival to her friends she proudly exclaimed "IT'S A GIRL!" now that is funny.

1 comment:

  1. can i officially apologize? here on the world-wide-web. please? i know it wasn't funny. but it kinda was. you took it hook, line and sinker. i won't pull anything today. i really am pregnant and i have the ultrasounds with my name on them to prove it. i hope you find someone to trick today! get 'em good arre, get 'em good!


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