April 15, 2009


Happy Easter!

While we didn't have your typical Easter (3 down with a stomach bug - 2 kids, 1 husband) and a deliriously tired "easter bunny"..we did our best! I was so sad we didn't get a family picture, but I tried to capture the day the best i could! Here are some pics..hope you had a fabulous one!

easter baskets! yes - all Mills got was a pack of pacifiers... my 1 week postpartum trip to Target proved to be tragically insufficient.

they didn't notice though!

happy due date sweet baby - i am so happy i didn't spend the day pushing you out and that you are here to celebrate the holiday with us!

this is our group shot..pitiful i know

Thank goodness for my mom - the next 2 pictures she took on the day, then the last 2 a couple of days before at an egg hunt!

I don't know what to do with this kid - we are having a friend take pictures on Friday and this is what we get out of her. I think it's adorable and totally her personality but will it go over good in sweet pictures with her sisters?! We will see!

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  1. oh my! that last one is SO Molly! i love it.


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