August 31, 2010

Summer's Not Over Yet

And I think I want to dress like this for its remainder

Coral and Nude and Blush, oh my (and with saffron wedges too... *sigh*)

images from lover the label via studded hearts found on this is glamorous

August 30, 2010


I am not sure else how to title this post but that.  Maybe it’s because I’m almost on my 3rd cup of coffee, but today it’s necessary as I have been thrown back in to reality.  You see.. i was (very gratefully) allowed to travel west to see a dear friend and celebrate her last days of bachelorettism (i know..not a word) with her and her adorable, fun loving friends.  My mother-in-law and amazing sister-in-law (that’s arre-if you’re new) pitched in on helping with kids and helped make my weekend worry free (among other things!)

And Arre sent me pictures like this, to help me feel like I wasn’t missing them too much.


While i made some really great memories and new friends.. i also really got behind because it wasn’t just this weekend that things were put on hold - there were serious preparations made for this trip.  So I do apologize for the lack of response to emails but hopefully have caught up with everyone now?! 

Now onto non-related frame things just to put off things i need to do a bit more..

So..while in Los Angeles, my marrying friend mentioned she didn’t know what to have thrown at her wedding when she leaves: birdseeds, bubbles?  I came across this article:

and LOVE the idea of ringing bells (love these) as the bride and groom leave to begin their life together…:)  What do you think?  Any ideas you have seen, loved, wished you had done (or will do?)  I personally think everyone should pop champagne bottles as they leave but I have a feeling it’s a little unrealistic.  any realistic (but fun and whimsical) ideas?

August 27, 2010

How Cute Is...


When Jennings's cute Mama found out she was having her, she knew she wanted to use the darling cross-stitched alphabet Jennings's daddy's grandmother stitched for him (that he may or may not have had hanging in his room until he was ... older than I can admit without risking our friendship ;) ).

She graciously trusted us to frame it for her and as luck would have, we stumbled upon some perfect pink wood that complemented the furniture she painted for the nursery perfectly.

It took us a while to wrap this project up (so sorry Alli :/ and THANK YOU for your patience) but it's done now and could not look sweeter.

happy weekend!

August 24, 2010

John Derian for Target (again!)

New York-based designer John Derian has once again collaborated with Target on a collection of 100 home accessories ... all priced under $30!

Primarily known for his ( (as in, made with color reproductions of 18th and 19th century illustrations)) decoupage, derian's collection for target will feature not only these little lovelies but melamine dinnerware and fabric covered storage bins as well.

With serving pieces starting at $1.99, I just might have a JD collection after all ;)

September 5 can't get here fast enough. (it's in my calendar. for real).

image found on the latimes

August 20, 2010

how cute is…..

the perfect gift?!

Now we know how you love to buy an S&J frame and hang it in your house (just humor me here), but lately it seems most frames that are flying off the shelves have been for gifts. 

And we can’t blame you!  Who could resist a brown paper package tied up with string and finding a handcrafted reclaimed one of a kind wood frame inside?  not me!  :)

Well did you also know that we can personalize that frame?
These are not going to the same recipients, although seeing them together makes me wish they were! 

happy weekend friends!

August 17, 2010

{blushing} bridal boutique

J.Crew has been commading the bridal scene for a few years now, only getting better each season.

To nail down (with nails of unfinished brass, of course) their place in the wedding world, they've opened a bridal boutique in New York. It even has its own collection, aptly named 769 after the shop address.

With its herringbone floors, velvet draperies and marble base boards, it dazzles but as WWD reports, "for its first bridal boutique, J. Crew takes inspiration from a French salon without getting too grand about it." I like that - "not getting too grand about it." They tone things down with the likes of a misshapen chandelier and a muted palette, not to mention their signature devil-may-care styling applied to each ensemble and mannequin.

Even though I've long since planned my own wedding, I will certainly have to stop by the next time I'm in the city. It's just too lovely to miss.

images via the new york times

August 11, 2010

back to school fashion

When I think of Mary James starting kindergarten, I cannot believe myself.

I learned of her impending arrival in the first weeks of marriage to the man who makes me her aunt. So she has always been a part of the family I married - and one my most favorite parts, I must admit.

She is the girliest girl I've ever seen. She's engaging and endearing and as pretty as can be.

Starting school (real school - I still can't believe it) is crazy enough but starting to ... wear a uniform is something I truly cannot wrap my head around.

This child is a fashionista in the truest sense of the world. She comments on what I am wearing every time she sees me (whether she likes it or not ('why are your pants up so high?' 'i thought those shoes were castes (casts) on your feet!'). A play date warrants a necessary 11 wardrobe changes (at least); A new outfit cannot be viewed without the immediate inception of a full-on fashion show and if her mom so much as wears anything but a t-shirt, the child nearly tires out from sheer glee.

So to imagine her in a world without her trademark style is to imagine her in ... a world where she can't possibly spend the next 5 years of her life (they do only have to wear uniforms at the lower school, right?)!

No fear though, she can accessorize her way through school and I'm sure she will.

Here are my thoughts on how to make the ole DW jumper, etc. her own:

School GirlFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

School Girl by aflow featuring J Crew

atl ♥ bound

happy wednesday, friends.

this morning, kristen and i are working (we have a lot of custom orders we're wrapping up so if you're expecting one get excited (and check out these sneak peeks ;) ) but in a few hours, i am loading up with almost my entire immdediate family to travel to atlanta to see tom petty. for real (the all riding together part (five people in one car) and seeing tom petty. on a wednesday. all true)

we are going for my dad's birthday (happy slightly belated J-Man). my mom's even going (they aren't married). how awesome are we?

while i'm there i think i'll swing by scott's (and try my hardest to not buy anything). i haven't been in a while ;) and i do need a few things ...

have a good rest of the week - i'm cutting out early!


August 10, 2010

hello lonny!

The new issue of Lonny is out!

I cannot wait to lounge around with it for hours and see what treats Michelle has for us this time (the stripes and tribal print on the cover are inticing for sure!).

the new crayon

i love school supplies so much that i long for the day it will once again be necessary for me to get *that list in the mail and scurry around town to fill my (children-to-be's) art bags with the wares of back-to-school.

what if these were on the school supply list? a crayon you can eat. can you imagine?! aren't they gorgeous?

and not only are they crafted by hand

but they are created (primarily) from natural and healthy foods

check out that organization. beautiful.


and what amazing photography to boot.

(both of which are themes of this incredible blog. you'll probably spend the rest of the day there if you go. consider yourself warned.)

*that list which barely beat - and sometimes didn't - the other eagerly anticipated list.. the summer reading list. ahhhh, to be a kid again.

all images via luxirare.

back to school


my baby (well 5 year old, but still my baby) starts kindergarten on Friday.  She gets to wear a cute little uniform and go to a real school and be around a lot of big kids…(my stomach just did a flip for her).  She’s so excited, but I know on that first day her little nails will dig into my skin as i walk her to class and I’ll be the one holding back tears.

So to distract me and to celebrate her first day of school, enjoy this weeks back to school themed posts!

August 9, 2010

reading rainbow

Did you like to read as a child? I did. Even before I could actually read I loved the idea of books and reading. I still do. I even liked assigned reading in school (for the most part). (Do you remember this show?!)

I can't wait for Mary James to learn to read. I wonder if she'll love it? I'm so curious about what sort of books she'll like. We'll see soon enough ;)

Thinking of her starting school and learning to read has me thinking of how much more reading of classics I would like to do...

How much more fun would that be if I had a few of these and a couple more of these?

that should get me off to a good start, no?

thanks to Joslyn and Rachel for the introduction and reminder. xx

Ooooh! and the new house has so many lovely bits that I can't wait to live among. One in particular I am looking especially forward to is a wall of bookcases! Can't wait to fill 'em up!

images via here and here

August 6, 2010


Is it already Friday?!  We are soaking in these last days of summer before school starts.
Enjoy your weekend and please, try to catch up on some important reading.


August 2, 2010

i have a few things for you

  • have you ever seen  a more beautiful bouquet? oh how i want to have a party with flowers like this... just. need. a house. thanks for the inspiration Meg!

  • i tried the vellum streamers last weekend (note to self: leave crafting to Kristen)

  • the pieces party appears to have been a ball (still blue i missed it). in true genuis style, Lee had a super fun photo booth!

  • i've not been shopping - like at all - this summer and to that notion, missed a pair of the loveliest sandals ever. i have an all points bulletin out for them. oh, how i hope anthro (of course) comes through for me *fingers (and toes) crossed (so hard they are turning white)*

  • crewcuts has the cutest stuff ever. if i had my own kids to clothe, i would be in quite a fiscal crisis ;)

  • could Joni be any cuter? between the cake (you'll have to scroll down to july 19 for this) and the memo (tacked up on her website), i don't think so.

  • serious progress is being made at our house. the walls have been primed and are actually being painted, the bathrooms are being put back together and the floors are to be finished this week.  i've been getting ridiculously excited knowing it's going to be our home so soon. a vagabond's life is not for me.

  • i've fallen hard for so many new blogs. check out all of the new adds on our list (to your right). check out a few other updates while you're over there. Kristen has been working hard! 



balloon image from that's just it photo found on oh happy day


today i realized how oh-so-near the library, post office, bank, coffee shop and more than one lunch option are to my {new} house.

how pefect bicycling.

image found on london cycle chic (love. that. blog)


way to vamp it up, Mrs. Secretary of State!

is that even correct ('Mrs. Secretary of State')?
image via people
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