July 12, 2010

happy {waaayyyy belated} birthday


my mother may very well be the most over-zealous person about ... pretty much anything and her fiftieth birhtday was no different. she spent the better part of about the past 30 months *"planning" this celebration(s).

when the actual day was drawing near and she still hadn't nailed anything down, my sister and i took matters into our own hands.

we took her to the beach with a some of her forever friends

then we hurried home to the most chaotic surprise party in the history of surprise parties (i'm guessing here but we've got to at least be close).

i think she had a blast.

. she always does.

*my mother hasn't ever planned a thing in her life. literally - not. a. thing.

please excuse the poor photo quality. these were all either taken with my phone or yanked from other peep's fb page. i'll try to leave the posts that need pics to Kristen ;)


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday Miss Angie! I just love her so much! We used to have so much fun playing with her at the "log cabin" just down the street from me!

  2. happy belated to miss angie! and the pictures are fun!

  3. p.s. the first pic with your mom and the tamborine is SO your mom..love it!

  4. So sweet. Miss Angie, Miss Angie :)
    Hugs to the 3 Barber ladies.

  5. aw, thanks ladies! she would love these comments if she could ever figure out how to check/read/follow the blog ;)

  6. and kristen - you are so right. when our cab picked us up he had that tamborine (along with some other instruments. i'm serious) and his computer and speakers were synced ... the ride was like a disco. she. loved. it!

    i think the last picture is so her too ;)


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