July 12, 2010

rainbow cake – Mary James {5th birthday}

So the birthday happened (last Thursday) and I will get to the actual day pictures of the fun (hot) day..but first: to continue the preperations…

Party countdown: 4 days ago (post delayed because cake wasn’t actually completed until day of)

Step 1: decorations

Step 2: invitations

Step 3: cake (here)

Step 4: party (to come)

For the cake – I used Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Classic White Cake. I bought 2 boxes.

On the first round (a few weeks away from the party) I made the first box…and divided it into 3 bowls, added food coloring to make pretty layers.  Then poured each into their own cake pan..




can’t you feel the excitement ;)  

The second round (which involved another box of cake mix and 3 layers but a much more hectic day so no photos) were made a week or so later and added to the freezer with the rest of their layer friends.    023

I intended to ice around the cake, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it after I saw how stinking cute and fun the cake looked “naked”.


candles and cake

I didn’t realize the plates matched the cake until someone pointed it out (I’m real observant) so I snapped a picture

cake slice

More to come on the party!


  1. love! and as Mosby pointed out, Rosemary's swim suit matched both the cake and the plates too. she is observant.


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