July 16, 2010

how cute is….

Ok so I know we’ve done a “how cute is…” post already for mills but this one is a bit different…

  1. she was a teeny tiny baby (and there’s not much teeny tiny about her anymore!)

  2. her room wasn’t really finished.  I have since taken out a twin bed to put in molly’s room (when she grew out of her crib and moved to a big girl room)

  3. moved her crib to the other side of the room

  4. changed out frames

  5. And lastly – what makes this “how cute is…” post different:  these are for sale!
frames 7 2010 020 (2)
 frames 7 2010 021 (2)
 frames 7 2010 023 (2)
 frames 7 2010 024 (2)
 frames 7 2010 025 (2)
see something you like?  email us stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com

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