April 10, 2009

how cute is...


These pictures were taken weeks ago in my baby's nursery (by Shanna..thanks!) and I wanted to wait and have her take more pictures after the nursery was completely finished. Sadly, Mills is here and the room looks EXACTLY the same (besides a baby and a tired mama occasionally being in it). But it's ok..she hasn't complained! So maybe these are work in progress pictures?! Either way - i had so much fun using SO many frames. I decided to fill them with friends' babies and kids (and of course my own 3 children). After all, my girls and their pictures are the whole reason i became interested in picture frames! Stay tuned for a future Friday feature on Mills's room and maybe one day, I will actually finish it.... maybe.

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  1. i just have to comment that i really do love this nursery..even though i spent hours last night changing poop diapers in it...i did look around one time and think "i love this room", then the thought changed immediately to "how can a 7 pound baby poop so much, she probably weighs about 5 pounds after that one" but i had a nice thought for one second that didn't involve poop - i'll hang onto that thought for a little while (the love of the room, not the poop thought)


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