December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Another year is ending and we can’t thank all of you enough.  Your support is appreciated more than you’ll ever know!  May this holiday season be filled with family, love, laughter and memories that you will stick with you forever.
xoxo kristen & arre

December 21, 2010

and the winner is….

Thank you Susan for you facebook love and posting pics of your fab frames!

you are the lucky owner of these fun goodies – our favorites!

we have been known to partake in all of the above in less than a 24 hour period more times than i can count! In fact, I don’t think i would be too far off to say that arre has partaken in all of the above all at the same time – wine in one hand, latte in the other while she ate a cupcake (that I made), painted her nails and admired some S&J work :)   ENJOY!
  • s&j frame
  • pumpkin sprinkles cupcakes
  • stemless wine glasses
  • starbucks gift card
  • OPI nail polish in “you don’t know jaques!”
Susan: Please email us at hello @ stewartandjames . com

Thank you to all of you that participated!

merry & bright (finally)

this week - much like this entire year - is going to be a whirlwind.

i - at last - psuedo-Christmas decorated over the weekend (matt is so pumped over getting to take it all down in one week - what are you gonna do?) and did some online power shopping to boot. i think i'm finally feeling merry and bright. and my house is looking enough the part to get me through.

O Christmas Tree (via cell phone at 1:00 a.m.)

here at s t e w a r t  &  j a m e s , we have a few last minute orders to fill (thank you so much, sweet customers), i've got my real job to go to for a few days - and then ...

i am going to spend the rest of the week soaking up the most wonderful time of the year (and i really want to wear red lipstick a la this cute girl while doing so). i wish for you the very same thing (well, not necessarily the red lipstick part - especially if you're a guy. do we even have any guy readers?)

oh - and don't forget to check back later today (that's right - we extended it) for the announcement of our birthday surprise give-away winner!


December 13, 2010

h a p p y ♥ b i r t h d a y (to...


though we weren't born sisters, many parts of our lives have made us so (thank God!).

this sisterhood is probably more of a result of how many parts of our lives are shared than it is of the marriages that bond us (we're actually sisters-in-law - married to brothers) and among all the sameness is almost a birthday.

even though it's a near miss in real life, we are co-celebrating on the blog. and you are the beneficiary!

since we missed the boat on doing a Christmas gift-away this year, we're doing one big birthday surprise - for you. 

here's the deal, you have this entire week (our birthday(s) week) to enter. any one of the following actions will qualify you:

  • leaving a comment about your favorite way to celebrate a birthday
  • blogging about stewart & james
  • facebooking about stewart & james
  • uploading a photograph of a stewart & james frame of yours to our facebook fan photos album (there's a how-to on there)
and here's the catch ... we're not telling you what the surprise is because - duh! - it's a surprise. you can know this though:

it is some of our favorite things... if you know us well enough, you should have a pretty good idea of at least some of what will be in store (if you don't know us well enough - a little blog-reading should clue you in a bit (our about us page may help too))

soooooooooo let's get this party started!


Happy Shopping!

I (shamefully) have not even started Christmas shopping (i know - i've not yet finished decorating yet either - the horror!) but I can't wait (literally - there is no time left for waiting - eeeeeeeeeeeek!)

If you too, by any chance, still have shopping left to do, let us help you. Our current inventory page is updated and we are ready and waiting to ship your Christmas orders (to you or directly to its recipient - you tell us).

Time is short, though - after Friday we are shutting down for the week (preceding Christmas. my real office closes the week after Christmas and while I'm not complaining, it's really the week before when I could really use a little time, so we're doing that.).

On Friday, December 17, we will make our final shipment of 2010, so let us know what you need (this year) stat!

h a p p y  s h o p p i n g !

December 8, 2010

cupcakes & memories

Arre and I share many things (s&j, husbands (joined at the hip), etc.) and one of those things we share is a mother-in-law.  We have lucked out in that department..she’s sweet and kind and will give you the shirt adorable blouse off her back.  We thought there was no better way to celebrate her big day but with cupcakes (she loves), a slideshow (she cried over), and a memory tree (that she will cherish).  Sit back relax and enjoy the photos




 014 015

017 067033



  044 060 069 

 103 104

after most guests were gone, my children joined the party.  Because they adore her


and she them



December 2, 2010

141 cupcakes

that’s how yesterday was spent (making 141 mini cupcakes).  And today… We are getting ready for something at my house tonight (that I will reveal later)


and there are 141 things to do on my list but this morning i couldn’t help myself: 044

I pretended like Mills had hair and put a clip in it and it made her look 2 years older than she is so I took it out immediately and decided to leave her footed pjs on all day to erase that grown up memory.

Now that that important job is done, I am off to check off number 1 on my list which is CLEAN THE HOUSE, helpers welcome.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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