December 2, 2010

141 cupcakes

that’s how yesterday was spent (making 141 mini cupcakes).  And today… We are getting ready for something at my house tonight (that I will reveal later)


and there are 141 things to do on my list but this morning i couldn’t help myself: 044

I pretended like Mills had hair and put a clip in it and it made her look 2 years older than she is so I took it out immediately and decided to leave her footed pjs on all day to erase that grown up memory.

Now that that important job is done, I am off to check off number 1 on my list which is CLEAN THE HOUSE, helpers welcome.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. i'm on my way (in two hours!) and thank GOD you took that clip out of Mills's hair. i would have died if i walked in and she looked 3. the horror! also, can you handle the rearranging i did while you were out yesterday?! feel free to undo it :) see you soon (yikes!)

  2. Footed pjs are the best for making them stay little.
    I'll take a little cupcake please.
    Have a fun weekend.


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