December 21, 2010

and the winner is….

Thank you Susan for you facebook love and posting pics of your fab frames!

you are the lucky owner of these fun goodies – our favorites!

we have been known to partake in all of the above in less than a 24 hour period more times than i can count! In fact, I don’t think i would be too far off to say that arre has partaken in all of the above all at the same time – wine in one hand, latte in the other while she ate a cupcake (that I made), painted her nails and admired some S&J work :)   ENJOY!
  • s&j frame
  • pumpkin sprinkles cupcakes
  • stemless wine glasses
  • starbucks gift card
  • OPI nail polish in “you don’t know jaques!”
Susan: Please email us at hello @ stewartandjames . com

Thank you to all of you that participated!

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