December 8, 2010

cupcakes & memories

Arre and I share many things (s&j, husbands (joined at the hip), etc.) and one of those things we share is a mother-in-law.  We have lucked out in that department..she’s sweet and kind and will give you the shirt adorable blouse off her back.  We thought there was no better way to celebrate her big day but with cupcakes (she loves), a slideshow (she cried over), and a memory tree (that she will cherish).  Sit back relax and enjoy the photos




 014 015

017 067033



  044 060 069 

 103 104

after most guests were gone, my children joined the party.  Because they adore her


and she them




  1. What a sweet post. She's a lucky mother-in-law.

  2. Cute - y'all did it again
    It's so stinkin' cute
    My favorite is Mills
    With Coca-Cola

    (Its past 11. I'm delirious. And that rhyme is to the tune of "Oops - I did it again" by Britney. Peace to ya' motha.)

  3. Kristen, You sure know how to throw a party. The picture of Mills with a coke could be an add - I have a fried who's an heir - I'll pass it along!


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