April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


I hope you are having a wonderful one with family & friends.  I just wanted to stop in and do a quick Easter-related post.  Well it’s actually any holiday related.  I don’t decorate much for holidays.  Not on purpose.. I know the kids would love it and maybe it would help me shake off the holiday stress that’s always inevitable.  But it just seems like a lot of fuss and then the days over.  bah humbug i know

So my point is – I have found a small way to decorate for holidays that’s easy and really can last all year.  I have two frames that stay on the mantle. These frames rotate from frames I love (until someone wants to buy it) to frames that were leftover from shows then frames i love back again.  Either way – I always have an 8x10 and a 4x6 or 5x7. 

Enters problem number 2 (problem #1 was not feeling like decorating for holidays in case you are lost or just bored out of your mind yet) So problem number 2: kids bring home 50,051 items from preschool/school each year and what to do with them.  so now back to my mantle

I save the drawings/paintings that my kids do that stand out (and now the holiday ones) because there is not room for the rest…they are quietly, secretly, wrapped in extra paper and trashed (so that mj doesn’t spy one through a trash bag and flip her lid) The ones I do save I put in the 8x10 frame and the artist (a 2, 4, or 5 year old)’s picture in the 4x6 (usually but in the pictures below it is reversed).  So each child gets their shining moment several times a year and I can decorate for a holiday



Millsie and her adorable half hand print bunny sit on my mantle today.  Have a happy one!

April 22, 2011

on this {Good} Friday

on my mind and in my heart this Good Friday (in this order):

The Risen Lord

Our Earthly Home


The Royal Wedding

image source (1) (2) (3)

April 13, 2011

Trad Home

As the list of digital mags continues to grow, yet another collaborative effort has hit the theoretical news stand.

The long standing, classic print magazine Traditional Home has coupled up with digital pioneer Lonny to create the hip take on style with staying power: Trad Home

The result is a sophisticated spin on a relaxed publishing style. And I like it.

Here are a few of my faves from their maiden venture:

and the MOST FAVE:

so proud of, impressed by and excited for my darling friend, E! (her new website launched today too)

check out the Trad Home - I'd love to hear read your thoughts :)

April 12, 2011


As a side trip from our Atlanta show – we headed an hour north to hit the lovely city of Athens, GA.  We love this city and now have 1 more reason to love it even more – Showpony.

Showpony was opened in January by Susan, a friend of mine that goes back to the days of drinking out of buckets on the beach, smoking cloves, dropping jolly ranchers in our zimas, sneaking out studying hard and going to high school sporting events – oh those were the days!  Now we are all grown up and Susan is doing amazing things as i always knew she would.  She married last August (i didn’t always know that would happen ;)) and opened a store in the historic downtown Athens in January. 

Here are a few pictures from our 1st of many visits to come!

s&j frames on wall

015 017


fabulous clothes!




loving the stools in the dressing room. i bet online athens didn’t get a picture of this! ;)





a shot of the view from Showpony


and to entertain the little ones while you shop (i secretly think they are for susan)


Become a friend of Showpony on facebook and stop by if you are ever in the hood…you’ll be glad you did!

Lastly – check out this video Susan’s talented brother (Paul) made for her:

Showpony - Athens, GA from Paul Chase on Vimeo.

happy shopping!

s&j on lilies and sparrows!

spotted! s&j on lilies and sparrows!

MC and her adorable friend Macy (who we met at our ATL show!) are whipping up a bebe nursery and included us on their inspiration board!

pop over to check it out. here's a hint:

thanks precious girls! xx

April 11, 2011

inventory page updated!

In response to my “blue” post I had quite a few questions about frames which lead me to realize the inventory page was NOT.UPDATED.  No idea how that could’ve gotten away from me but easily fixed – check it out Here Mother’s Day is coming up and don’t forget your anniversary!! (not sure when that is but probably soon) 

molly said sang “don’t forget your anniversary” to me when i told her to tell her dad i wanted an iphone for Mother’s Day.  that girl’s got my back :)


April 5, 2011

it’s a blue day!

Not the mood – the color!  I’m not sure why but our inventory is heavy on the blue side at the moment…maybe it’s due to a the girl baby boom that wiped us out of pink?  I’m not sure, but I love the blues we do have!


See something you like?  email me: kristen(at)stewartandjames(dot)com

April 1, 2011

how cute is….


Well we already know she’s pretty darn cute from a previous post but Arre & I went over to her house today to assess a few s&j ideas – most of the conversation centered around these great prints (stay tuned to see them framed):


but upstairs this precious angel was sleeping and we had to take a peak


above frances’  changing table are 2 s&j frames

  024 020

photography in photos by shanna scott

notice the book bin opposite the changing table below 023

she also has a chalkboard near the entry downstairs

 028 029

Thanks B! 

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