February 11, 2010

l♥nny :: Issue 3

it's here! it's here! and it appears to be the most fabulous issue yet! i cannot wait to (*get through tonight's work event, meet a friday deadline (*covering an event that's not even happened yet), calmly *fingers crossed* pack for and travel to and quickly return from a weekend get-away, successfully co-host a jewelry show for a dear friend on Sunday (if you're local, COME!) so I can (finally)) curl up (with my laptop - I'm getting used to it, Michelle, I really am ;) ) and drink up every. last. page of this goodness. until then ...

post by arre

*i wrote this yesterday soooo, some of these things have now happened - whew!


  1. Hola Arre! Looking forward to seeing your work! Lisa

  2. glad you're crossing things off! and have a fabulous weekend - we're headed to the lake..loving this snow!

  3. Lisa! I am so excited you commented! Thank you. And am still so thrilled over having met you! I hope to see you again soon.

    Kristen, this snow that EVERYone is speaking of is evidently running from me. Everywhere I go, it's not there - UGH!

  4. absolutely swoon-worthy!
    Arre, we've got to get in on this somehow!


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