February 6, 2010

do y’all know how much we love you?


i’ll just show you….

Today, we dealt with these conditions

shop water

and this


all to find such greatness as this:

shop blue wood 

I really am lovin’ this wood!

On another (much cleaner) note…. I am going out tonight.  Yes, ME.  And MJ has never loved me more than she has when I put on this dress. (as you can see in the cell phone picture taken yesterday in a series of photos i took to see if arre would “ok” my dress for me..which she did, thank goodness, it’s all i have!)   I’m going with a group of girls and Jim is home with the kids (2/3 of which are sick-yes, AGAIN)). 

me dress up

As soon as I put the dress on, Mary James said “As soon as Daddy sees you {in this dress} he’s going to change his mind {about wanting to go}  Well, he didn’t change his mind, but may be re-thinking it all after tonight.  Say a quick prayer for him.

post by kristen


  1. great dress but where in the world did you go?!

  2. to the Hope Ball - American Cancer Society fundraiser. jim survived and i had fun!

  3. Lovely dress..Mary James has good taste :)! Good for you for getting a night out!!!

  4. gah Mary James would have loved the Eighties - check out that multi-colored floral+stripes+dots ensemble. gotta love her!


  5. I just figured out how to "follow" y'all! Not really sure what that means, but hoping that it will remind me that y'all have a blog and I should check it!


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