August 26, 2011

Problem Solving

I haven't mentioned the house in a while. It's still the bane of my existence (I can't lie to you guys). Our latest woes are those of garage doors. The house came without them (though it does have a garage). Now we know why - the openings are minute. My car barely fits in as it is and after a "garage door man" (that's what the guy called himself) came by to give us an estimate on doors. for the garage (in case the title he gave himself didn't give that away) we learned that the openings will get even smaller once doors are installed.

We've spent the past week pondering our options:

-Remove center support post and replace with steel beam installed across the width of the ceiling (there is a room above the garage - so support is necessary) and have one large door / opening?

-Move the center post to the left, leaving a larger area for one car to the right, thus having only one garage door ... off to one side... eh...

-Just forget the whole thing (I'll let you guess whose idea this was. And here's a hint: it wasn't me)

Then I came across this - and it might just solve everything:

The openings could shrink down a few inches and this gem could still slide right in without a problem!

Aren't I a genius? Now I just need Matt to start reading this blog (oh - and doing what it says...)

And surely such an expense is comparable to all the trouble we'd have to go to move that silly center post, right?

August 22, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Remember a  l o n g  time ago when we were super pumped about our new followers and wanted to feature all of your lovely people on our blog as a token of our appreciation... and then we only featured one of you?

Well, it's google's fault. Sort of. I represent the low-tech end of this gig and unfortunately ran into a series of technical difficulties that were not realized until recently (otherwise known as entirely too late to just pick back up without a concilatory/explanatory post such as this) and in the meantime I gave up.
I am so sorry I dropped the ball this didn't work out the first time. I was really excited about it.

And am again now because we are trying again! We will be emailing each of you whose email address we can locate. If you do not have an accessible email address and would still like to participate, please email us at (subject: follower feature) and we will get with you on featuring YOU!

The new-new series should be up and running in a few weeks (if not sooner, hurry and respond if you want to participate to speed the process along!) - just in time for fall (can't believe fall is so near!)

Thanks for your patience with us - on all accounts. We appreciate you oh-so-much!


image source

August 19, 2011

how cute am…

I?!  (again!)
The wall in my den is forever changing. Check it out here a couple of years ago: wall forever ago
This is how it looks today – I love the addition of the over door – what do you think?!  We have another one for sale on our current inventory page (which has been updated with local pickup items available).
Have a lovely weekend!

update - over door has sold! 

August 18, 2011

with a story to tell

I brought my camera to work today and while looking for wood for you frame lovers, i snapped a few pictures along the way.  I love to see all the items that come out of old houses and buildings and imagine the story they would tell.  enjoy















August 12, 2011

how cute is….


A few months ago we received a delightful email from  Pam – She wanted to frame this precious picture of her as a child on Lake Superior. 


how cute is that?!

She is a captain on a boat that she boats on the Chesapeake. The quote she keeps next to it:"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." by Andre Gide

Pam and her cute boating companion, Daphne.

 Daph and Pam Pararade of Lights 2010

And the final framed photo along with the quote: 

Framed Photo

Pam is going to display it on her boat - what a happy home for her reclaimed frame -  Thank you Pam!

August 10, 2011

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

There are a few good things about living in good ole’ south Georgia – one of them is being only a few hour drive from the beach.  You have heard us talk about the favorite 30A for years now but I have a new spot to cover.  One of my sisters lives in Savannah, Ga and it is an 8 hour drive for her to reach the gulf (30A area) and she has two PRECIOUS children (that are part monkey i’m convinced) they would not fare well for an 8 hour trip.  So we headed her direction and hit Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for our family beach destination.


this is my niece jane: she is teeny tiny but can perch on top of anything with perfect balance



Although the sand isn’t quite as pretty as the gulf – the kids loved the shells and shallow water


mary james


jane & mills




016 017  023

Jacksonville Zoo




my nephew william – a monkey on a monkey




Happy last days of summer (if you have school age children ;))

August 5, 2011

how cute is


This doll is the latest installment in the adorable Parrish family. Remember her  her cute mama, Betsy (they are serious s&j supporters and we love them so)?

Betsy commissioned us to do these great yellow frames to accent the recent redo of her baby's nursery (how much do you love the ballerina fabric?!)

We were happy to oblige and just hope she's as pleased with the end result as we are! Love the graphic patterns and bold color contrasting with the rustic wood - good call, Bets!

Thank you Betsy for sharing these photos and for your continued support!


August 4, 2011

we're here!

Hi long lost blog friends!  Have you missed us?!  We have had a couple of setbacks (one of which my computer is out of order - unbelievably inconvenient!)  But we are still at it -

And school has not started yet so we have had 3 interns (i say because they don't get paid) part of s&j.  Which is the setback #2.  I made them pose for a picture after a hards day of 20 minute work (because 20 minutes of whining was all I could take).

Although they are very supportive they do not want to make frames when they grow up.
Molly is going to be a fairy, MJ a designer, decorator, or artist (she can't decide) and Mills didn't understand the question so she may be stuck with us.
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