August 26, 2011

Problem Solving

I haven't mentioned the house in a while. It's still the bane of my existence (I can't lie to you guys). Our latest woes are those of garage doors. The house came without them (though it does have a garage). Now we know why - the openings are minute. My car barely fits in as it is and after a "garage door man" (that's what the guy called himself) came by to give us an estimate on doors. for the garage (in case the title he gave himself didn't give that away) we learned that the openings will get even smaller once doors are installed.

We've spent the past week pondering our options:

-Remove center support post and replace with steel beam installed across the width of the ceiling (there is a room above the garage - so support is necessary) and have one large door / opening?

-Move the center post to the left, leaving a larger area for one car to the right, thus having only one garage door ... off to one side... eh...

-Just forget the whole thing (I'll let you guess whose idea this was. And here's a hint: it wasn't me)

Then I came across this - and it might just solve everything:

The openings could shrink down a few inches and this gem could still slide right in without a problem!

Aren't I a genius? Now I just need Matt to start reading this blog (oh - and doing what it says...)

And surely such an expense is comparable to all the trouble we'd have to go to move that silly center post, right?


  1. focus arre - let's get inside done first ;)

  2. ha! it's taking too long and i'm getting bored ;)


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