August 22, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Remember a  l o n g  time ago when we were super pumped about our new followers and wanted to feature all of your lovely people on our blog as a token of our appreciation... and then we only featured one of you?

Well, it's google's fault. Sort of. I represent the low-tech end of this gig and unfortunately ran into a series of technical difficulties that were not realized until recently (otherwise known as entirely too late to just pick back up without a concilatory/explanatory post such as this) and in the meantime I gave up.
I am so sorry I dropped the ball this didn't work out the first time. I was really excited about it.

And am again now because we are trying again! We will be emailing each of you whose email address we can locate. If you do not have an accessible email address and would still like to participate, please email us at (subject: follower feature) and we will get with you on featuring YOU!

The new-new series should be up and running in a few weeks (if not sooner, hurry and respond if you want to participate to speed the process along!) - just in time for fall (can't believe fall is so near!)

Thanks for your patience with us - on all accounts. We appreciate you oh-so-much!


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  1. Can't wait ladies! So glad y'all got to the root of the problem! ;)

  2. i am excited! and so happy to know that maybe people weren't just ignoring us :)


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