March 28, 2011

Being Followed By

We promised you a new series, so here it is: 'Being Followed By'

Hopefully we'll have one profile per week and it will go something like this: a little info on who reads us and if they have a blog of their own, we'll include a bit about it too (and hopefully send readers their way - this is a community after all).

I'm super excited about our first follower, so without further ado, here's the new series aaaaaaaand,


She and I celebrating her at-the-time impending nuptials - that was two years ago (note to self: take more pics with Cass)

Cassie is actually a dear friend of mind from childhood (and beyond! i spent the night with her two weeks ago and got to hang with her again just this past weekend - score!).

She is super girly, nice to the core and so. much. fun! I'm pretty sure she's everyone's favorite.

You have to meet her -

I think I was either persuing the Stewart & James Facebook page or website and followed the link to your blog!

Favorite s&j Reads:
Everything! I love learning about new inventory and frame parties of course, but I also love being inspired by Arre's latest cocktail or fashion finds, and Kristen's ridiculously cute and creative Mommy party-planning skills :)
Give Me More:
Like I said before, I dig it! Maybe just post more consistently?

Daily Blog Lovin':
I am not too much of a blog-reader overall. The handfull that I follow besides Stewart & James are my friend Amanda's with witty stories from everyday life, my friend Margaret's about her family so that I can watch her kids grow, and sometimes other facebook friend's blogs when they post links and it looks intriguing. In addition to that, I sometimes follow links from Stewart & James to other's blogs and get caught up with precious people like Joni and her new "all things baby" blog. . . as you guys would say, "How cute is SHE?!"

Why (read) Blog(s)?
It's interesting to find out what makes other people tick. . . There is just something appealing about listening to or reading what someone else is passionate about and stepping into their world for a minute.

Thanks for following, sweet love - we are so glad to have you! xx

p.s. sorry to anyone who reads us in reader, etc. for the multiple posting - i'm having some technical difficulties. grrrr


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  2. I have to admit I am a little bit jealous that Cassie was the first follower who was featured!!! What a fun, fabulous series for the S&J blog! Anxiously awaiting my turn ;)

  3. thanks girls! and rebecca, rebecca - your turn will come ;) xx

  4. cassie YOU are ridiculously cute! and what a great kickoff post to the series!!

  5. I love this idea!!!


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