March 22, 2011

Welcome Spring

We've had an unusually appropriate few weeks here and it has been oh-so-nice. Mild warmness seldom finds us, so I'm trying to embrace it.

I once read something about the beauty of spring being a gift after the gray of winter. That makes so much sense to me. Bright sunshine and twisty breezes are the perfect antidote to months of dark and dreary days.

We've been dining on the porch and riding with the windows down. My nails are lavender and I'm even wearing a skirt without tights today (yikes!).

Our backyard has been putting on quite a show. Camellias and Japanese Magnolias are wrapping up, Dogwoods are filling in and Azaleas are just getting started.

My personal favorite is the ombre flowering peach tree. Evidently it was spliced years ago and it's current blooms are spot on - love!

oh - and in other news, I was at my husband's shop a few week's ago checking on a project for a client when low and behold what did I see?! MY LAUNDRY ROOM WINDOWS (which have yet to be installed but still - it's visible progress - so... woot!)!



  1. oh yay!!! (about the laundry room windows) and about spring and your flowers!



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