March 29, 2011

last week and an office remodel

When your 3 kids get sick and you are stuck inside cleaning up vomit for one full week, you can do one of 3 things:

  1. cry (this is the most obvious and likely answer)
  2. hide until it’s over (wish i coulda)
  3. or turn into a crazy organizing lady and redo your office that you’ve been meaning to get on for the last 3 years (in between cleaning up after the sick)

luckily, i chose #3

I sort of wish I had taken a before photo of ALL of the office (you will see that I did take a before of one side) but not really because you would’ve reported me to hoarders association (I’m guessing there’s one).  All of you that the whole neat thing comes naturally to will probably think…’um that’s still a mess’ but I’m not one of those people and this is very tidy to me.

Here is the one side I took a before shot of (not tidy)_


and here is the after of that same side:


Keep in mind i couldn’t leave the house so had to use things I already had.  I made the useless box (that is where our return to AC (think that’s what it is called) on the other side of that wall) into a reading nook.  Long ago I had a foam mat cut for the pack n play that is no longer needed so I put a crib sheet on it and voila!  A pad for our reading nook. 



dangerous?  maybe a little

Now, on the opposite wall is my desk and yes there is still a PILE of papers to file but who wants to do that? (if you do come over)


and just to keep it real i stuffed some things under the desk and hired a secretary


that i let play with thumb tacks

006 002

and on the window wall – i added the girls desks that santa brought in hopes we will all do homework/work together as a happy fam


That’s not all we accomplished….we ate 53 popsicles


this was day 5 – i made everyone get dressed as if we could will ourselves to be well

made cookies, picked flowers


made a train


organized drawers


slept on sofas


while they slept i filled up 5 bags of toys to take to Goodwill (molly thinks Good Will is a boy and doesn’t understand why he wants all these girl toys…i finally just told her he has a little sister) and  had to hide the bags as they were willing to give up 1 thing each and that wasn’t going to cut it for my mania clean out week.

and decided i had to have this


Maybe we should get sick more often :)

here’s to a productive week ahead (but a well one would be nice)


  1. I am really laughing about "good Will".
    Too bad y'all were sick. No fun at all, but I know it is nice to have all that organizing accomplished.
    And I am SO glad I ran into you :) Nice to "meet".

  2. Kristen,
    i love your post. it makes me feel like im not the only mom out there with some insanity going on. Love the bit about Good Will! Gotta love those babies:)

  3. Lindsay: how fun was that?! So glad to finally meet you too :)

    and erinn - thanks so much... it is a crazy life isn't?! I don't know how you do it with 2 the same age though..i think that is equal to having 4 children (at least) ;)

  4. love it (all). especially Good Will. Molly is SUCH a hoot :) xx

  5. So Cute! I am sure "Good Will" and his sister will love all of the goodies you are sharing with them!


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