March 5, 2011

terrific twos!

ok so the twos may be very far from terrific some most times but with these two cuties (mills & cellie) we are celebrating two in two weeks.  They are both the 3rd kids in their families and the babies..two seems so old to us as for the past (almost 6 for me/ and 8 for cellie’s mom) years we have been loving on some babies so we are sad to see them grow up but thankful they are healthy and happy.

40528_452837811514_746146514_6167551_117456_nthey were born 3 weeks apart and what better way to celebrate their lives than with a balloon party (their favorites!)

Here are the invites:













supplies: white cardstock,2 shades of pink and one of orange vellum, printer, scissors (how simple is that?!)

inspiration from here

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