April 17, 2014

New sweet em blog!

Well, H E L L O !!

Please head over and start reading Kristen's new blog (you will notice many transferred old posts from this blog) on her sweet em venture.  Update your readers!


February 18, 2014

free shipping continues!

Free shipping continues through February!  Below is an easy-order picture of some sweet em earrings – This photo includes some of the newer styles not yet available on etsy


E-mail me (shopsweetem(at)gmail(dot)com) with the letter, quantity, and your mailing info.  I will quickly ship these out to you!

If you see some that you would like on etsy, feel free to order from there too.  Just be sure to checkout with the code: HAPPYHEART214 to take advantage of the free shipping.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

side note: the letters l, m, and o in photo above come in turquoise and green as well!

February 6, 2014

Molly turns 7!



Well another year older :)  We had fun celebrating sweet Molly, as we always do.  MJ has really gotten into drumming and has created a band.  They are all still trying to figure it all out, but just imagine 7 or 8 (the band members change weekly) 8 and 9 year old girls forming a band.  It is entertaining to say the least.  A little drama thrown in here and there but what’s a band without drama right?  Well, MJ had the idea to have their first concert as a surprise for Molly.  They sang “Royals” and “Happy Birthday.”


The name of the band is Dynamite

molly 7

molly 7 surprise

Molly and her sweet friend, Karen who helped in the surprise.

molly 7 candle

molly 7 candle 1



We still had a small party at the local cupcake bakery the following week on her real birthday.


I think it’s fair to say we have on happy 7 year old…and we had a surprise waiting on her at home.

photo (10)

Meet May Fuller :)

January 29, 2014

Snow day

Hi strangers!  Just a little update about what’s been going on around here.  Today we are having a snow day, so no school!  While it’s fun and easy for us in south Georgia (well so far), I am really hating it for all that Atlanta is going through – long commutes yesterday, people stuck in cars, kids stuck at school…it’s just a mess!  I do hope they can work it all out today and be safe and warm in their homes tonight.

This is what we woke up to bright and early.


If you think it looks too early to be awake in these pictures, you are right


While they played outside…I worked on some Valentines for the girls’ classes.

Remember, last year when I said, next year I am doing something easy.  


Well, I couldn’t resist – these will turn into pins the kids can wear, I will show the finished product soon (hopefully).  But I have very strict instructions to not put “xoxo” or “love” or anything that may suggest that there is a possibility that whomever they are giving the Valentine to will remotely think they have any positive thoughts about them.  So I am thinking - “happy Valentine’s Day, from MJ (molly or mills).”  I think that’s safe.

Little Wilson, I promise I let him in after this..and yes, that’s our Christmas tree on the back porch


I am working on some more professional looking photos for Sweet Em – In doing so, I have to make lots and lots of earrings.


Yesterday was a black day..


Hopefully, today I will move on to turquoise.  Which reminds me, I have been slow to update you on new styles and colors.  That’s coming soon too!  While so many of you have shopped at Ginkgo, please continue to do so!  I try to keep them well stocked and if you don’t see something there you like, please contact me: shopsweetem at gmail dot com

I will hook you up :)

Stay warm!

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