March 28, 2013

x o x o 2013

Yes it’s almost April and while I am not a strong believer in “better late than never,” I thought maybe this will be helpful for next year!  We had close to 50 valentine’s to make this year and while I do love how these turned out, in hindsight those mickey mouse cards already put together with a sucker are looking pretty good for next year ;)


the stamp above, i found at Staples and am in love with it!  It’s a little time consuming with the tiny letters but so worth it when you are stamping 50 Valentine cards




Attach a little baggie with two different color conversation hearts (enough to play a tic tac toe game with).  I just stapled them to the paper.




I wrapped up a starbucks card with a little washi tape for the teachers


I helped with MJ’s Valentine party at school again this year and took only one picture:


We used the washi tape to tape down tic tac toe grids for the kids to play.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Check out last year’s Valentine’s Day party here (we used the same chocolate bowls this year but used them to hold the conversation hearts for tic tac toe.)

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