March 6, 2012

Valentine’s Day Recap

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day – it’s the only holiday that exists that actually can make people feel bad.  But that all changed when I had kids – Valentine’s Day has a whole new meaning now – especially with girls.  They love to spend time preparing for something that requires pink hearts, pink glitter, chocolate and candy.  Every year I sign up for MJ’s Valentine’s Day party at school and this year – I helped with 2 other moms and think we pulled off a pretty good one.  And did you know that first graders really get into who likes who and crushes?!  I didn’t remember even noticing boys for a few years after that and even then I didn’t actually talk to them or look directly at them!  Now that I think about it, Jim’s pretty lucky I like him :)

Here are some pictures of preparations and party


Chocolate bowls for cupcakes


Our valentine’s included origami hearts with dum dums in them.  Valentine Printables found here.



blue & red heart inspiration found here








Another fun thing the holiday brings – Daddy-daughter dance. 


And that’s my V-day recap!

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