March 7, 2012


Policy changes, that is.

stewart & james has been a growing business for over five years now and we are still constantly trying to define and refine ourselves into the best version of ourselves for you.

the newest discovery we've made in that vein is that taking orders does not work for us or our customers. the turn around time is too long and the expense is outgrowing what we are comfortable charging.

with the time that we will no longer devote to orders - and there is a lot of it - we will be sprucing our online store: to the caliber at which it should have always been: one that negates the need for orders in the first place!

there is also a bit of new product development going on around here - and we, for two - are very excited about what's to come.

we hope you are too and will check back often and soon!

kristen and arre

p.s. if you have an outstanding order, please know it will be completed. this is a 'from now on' policy. thank you for your endless patience.

p.p.s. this policy does not apply to business wholesale orders.

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