please check back for future updates..for now, all of our sale frames have found a home :)

every now and then we have some frames that don’t turn out exactly how we want them to. It’s just the nature of dealing with old wood. So this page is for our frames that need some extra lovin’ but are a little easier on your wallet :) If you would like an extra (close up) photo or dimensions we will gladly send.
things to note:
-leave a comment or email us at stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com
-prices have been reduced and sale price is as shown below
-do not worry: if you buy or have purchased a frame that is not damaged (miters split, etc.) then your frame will be fine! All the changes that take place in the frame do so within the first week. And these frames are not expected to widen or fall apart, they just aren’t quite as perfect as their peers.

now: take one home to love today!

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