March 29, 2012

a “3” birthday party - invitations

It’s time for Mills & Cellie to turn 3!  Didn’t they just turn 2?!  We are going on year number 2 of combining Mills & Cellie’s party and it works so well we may just continue it (forever)  Here are some photos of the prep work.  We decided on the theme to be 3 because 3 year olds love to tell you they are 3 and well, honestly..i couldn’t think of anything else :)



I printed the invitations on card stock: the bunting lines and the words.


My good friend Molly (cellie’s mom) so graciously obliged when I came over to her house and dumped 500 triangles out to glue on.  She didn’t even complain – she’s the best :)

I am SO excited to have a party supply supplier in town :)  Sweet Melissa from M.B. Strother Designs is now carrying the cute divine twine along with gift bags and other goodies.  Check them out here


I used double sided tape and hot pink paper to pin down the back of the invites


The final invitation: 


I hand deliver all of mine but Melissa said the little bags could be used as envelopes as well, just tape them closed well.

I sent this next picture to Arre because you can only look at flag cupcake toppers long enough to realize a) who cares and b) the 20 minutes i have wasted on this has go to end now.  She quickly picked the second from the right.


And did you know that Martha Stewart labels are at Staples now?!  I am way too excited about this and spent way too much time browsing the small section dedicated to her.  Yay Staples!  These were for the treat bags.






and more to come on the actual party!

March 22, 2012


Good morning! and Happy March (although this month is almost over, how did that happen?!) March of twenty twelve seems to have everyone adding a little spring to their step. Let's face it, January is just plain gloomy, February starts to brighten our moods just a tad (well that is if you like Valentine's day) and March hits us with warm afternoons that have everyone dreaming of that light at the end of the tunnel - summer vacations and days spent by the pool. March also has had many of you putting your spending hats on - (s and j thanks you march).

And we thank YOU for keeping us busy :)






Have a lovely week, our meetings (well some of them at least) will start moving poolside soon – can’t wait!

March 8, 2012


Life gets busy in a whole new way once kids are in school.  I (sort of) miss the days of being house bound with a napping baby.  I have found that I have a whole lot less time for catching up on things I fall behind on when I am never home!  But change is fun – as with all things we must embrace it because life just doesn’t slow down for us.  Here are a few pictures of a much needed break from reality.  A friend invited us to the beach (Just me molly and mills went, Jim & MJ stayed home).  While the weather was pretty chilly, we still had a great time!





this picture makes me cold just looking at it!





susu aren’t you proud? a little yoga on the beach





Have a great week!

March 7, 2012


Policy changes, that is.

stewart & james has been a growing business for over five years now and we are still constantly trying to define and refine ourselves into the best version of ourselves for you.

the newest discovery we've made in that vein is that taking orders does not work for us or our customers. the turn around time is too long and the expense is outgrowing what we are comfortable charging.

with the time that we will no longer devote to orders - and there is a lot of it - we will be sprucing our online store: to the caliber at which it should have always been: one that negates the need for orders in the first place!

there is also a bit of new product development going on around here - and we, for two - are very excited about what's to come.

we hope you are too and will check back often and soon!

kristen and arre

p.s. if you have an outstanding order, please know it will be completed. this is a 'from now on' policy. thank you for your endless patience.

p.p.s. this policy does not apply to business wholesale orders.

March 6, 2012

Valentine’s Day Recap

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day – it’s the only holiday that exists that actually can make people feel bad.  But that all changed when I had kids – Valentine’s Day has a whole new meaning now – especially with girls.  They love to spend time preparing for something that requires pink hearts, pink glitter, chocolate and candy.  Every year I sign up for MJ’s Valentine’s Day party at school and this year – I helped with 2 other moms and think we pulled off a pretty good one.  And did you know that first graders really get into who likes who and crushes?!  I didn’t remember even noticing boys for a few years after that and even then I didn’t actually talk to them or look directly at them!  Now that I think about it, Jim’s pretty lucky I like him :)

Here are some pictures of preparations and party


Chocolate bowls for cupcakes


Our valentine’s included origami hearts with dum dums in them.  Valentine Printables found here.



blue & red heart inspiration found here








Another fun thing the holiday brings – Daddy-daughter dance. 


And that’s my V-day recap!

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