October 18, 2013

a little sparkle for your ears

Happy Friday!  I have been meaning to get these pictures up for some time now, but October has been a (surprisingly) crazy busy month. 


I fell in love with this clay as soon as I saw it!  It has a tiny bit of sparkle to it.  See those white specks in the image above?  Well, they are actually bits of sparkle.  I loved it so much, I decided to add some white to it and offer another shade..


It came out to a really great blue/gray color (with a bit of sparkle).




  Although there is apparently a deep navy involved (as the lighter version shows the blue) These appear black (as in the picture below).


On another note, my 3 little sweet “em”s want in on this little venture. 


MJ asked me to make some cards and add “little” to them along with changing the green to blue (her favorite color).  These pink earrings are her very first.


Molly made some really cute balls too (not picture – pink with gold polk a dots).  Keep an eye out for them at Kay Fuller Interiors soon!   I am headed to Kay Fuller Interiors to drop these earrings off now!  Have a wonderful weekend and as always, please email me if you are interested in a purchase or just want to say hi ( shopsweetem(at)gmail(dot).com )

October 16, 2013

a birthday in the trees


Happy fall y'all!  The (somewhat) cooler temps make me so happy and so in the mood for an outdoor party.  The only problem - the ONE birthday in my (immediate) family that falls in this wonderful month is my husband’s (Jim) who declares every year he wants no party - to do nothing.  NOTHING.  For the 13 years that I have known him I have completely ignored this request. You see, I have a close to Christmas birthday - which I think we all can agree is the worst time to have a birthday - and have always wished my birthday was in October so I could celebrate properly, outdoors in the wonderful fall weather!  Jim has, in the years past, wished me a happy birthday on his day because whatever I had planned we both knew was really for me.


This year I decided to (sort of) honor his request.  He said he wanted nothing and he meant it.  So I kept it to the 5 of us, but had to take advantage of this weather.  I (along with the help of my mom who took over carpooling to soccer, dance, and drums that day) planned a dinner high up in a tree house.



The girls had SO much fun with this.  It was a secret that they amazingly kept very well (other than lots of winking and giggling around Jim all week).


On his birthday morning, they gave him an invitation to arrive at the tree house at 6:45.  He looked at me suspiciously and I said, I promise!  It's just us.

The only problem with a secret birthday dinner is when you get a work call (Jim’s) that needs attention, he felt no need to hurry to get there so we waited…


had a little dance party


and he’s here!  MJ going to greet him with his favorite beverage



This football was from Mills.  She found it under our bed and thought it was the perfect gift to wrap up! 


A success!  a perfect non party party.  After all, you only turn 37 once :)


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