About Us

stewart & james is the result of our common interest in design and access to reclaimed materials that would otherwise be waste.

we (literally) scour the scrap piles littering our husbands' sawmill to hand select each board used to craft one of a kind home accessories.

Inspired by fond memory and found object alike, we are always looking for (and finding) new designs and resources in the every day to further our reach and enhance the impact of simple pleasure.

reclaim. rework. remember

xx kristen & arre

arre (from Kristen's perspective)
arre is my sister-in-law & business partner, but first and foremost a very dear friend.  She centers her life around things she loves, and she just so happens to love many things.  She is enthralled with fashion, intrigued with design, mad about food, crazy about family, and a wonderful writer.  She divides her time between writing for Southwest Georgia Living, working at Kay Fuller Interiors, stewart & james, and at the moment - redoing a century old house she'd love to call home soon.  To S&J she adds many things: creativity, laughter, her background in (and love for) decorating & design, whimsical and big ideas, & priceless meetings.  She is a big city girl in a small town trying to make her mark on the world and doing a pretty good job at it even though she is 15 minutes late everywhere she goes.

kristen (from arre's perspective)

we married (inseparable) brothers. i count myself lucky to have gotten kristen as part of the deal.

kristen is a mama.
she doesn't just have three children - she mothers three children. and she does it well. her girls are close in age and far reaching in demeanor. kristen handles each of them and all of them with patience and gratitude.

they spend their days crafting and cooking and coming (to their beautiful home) and going (to dancing, school(s), church, birthday parties, play dates, the beach, the lake...)
when evening falls, a glass (or two) of chardonnay finds its way to her hand and in the midst of the wild life that is totally hers, she is calm.

she is as wonderful at inviting friends over for an impromptu afternoon cocktail complete with homemade hummus as she is at conceptualizing and creating the most delightful children's birthday parties imaginable.

She is efficient and organized (and proficient with numbers and computers). She is absolutely the only way stewart & james (ever) gets anything done - like this about us page, for instance.
she couldn't care less about pop culture, social status or any other menial details that run this world.
she is kind and sincere and hilarious and fun.
she likes to make a plan, whether one is necessary or not.
she arrives everywhere 15 minutes early.

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