October 28, 2011

sneak peek for Kathy!

We have been working on Kathy’s frames for a while now, she wants to do a wall of them and we always want to get frames on a wall just right.  So we are hoping this will be the last shipment of them that completes the job.   I must say, I do love every frame we have sent her so I can not wait to see the final display!


Do you have a favorite?  I can’t pick!  I love the natural colors, and you can’t go wrong with diagonal stripes on molding, and what about those adorable zig zag frames!? 

Have a lovely weekend!

October 25, 2011

Being Followed By

yep, her again! ;)

Natalie - the cutie who went home from our Atlanta show with the coveted yellow frames! - is a sweet friend of my brother's who I've know for... ages! She is the mother of one precious babe with another on the way and documents her darling life on her very own blog, which you'll learn more about down the page.


Through Facebook via Arre's page! 

Favorite s&j Reads:

I love seeing party ideas and what the girls are working on for new collections. I especially love when Kristen's girls are included:)

Give Me More!

I'd like to see more of the frames- always! I love them. 

Daily Blog Lovin'

I read Recycled Interiors (http://www.recycledinteriors.blogspot.com/) because she has amazing design ideas and she is so resourceful. I also read 
 Tommey Girl (www,tommeygirl.blogspot.com) and The Adventures of Ordy & Joon (ordyandjoon.blogspot.com) for the same reason! I am lucky that they are all my friends in real life, too!

Why {do you read} Blog{s}?
I started reading blogs to keep connected with friends and family. Now blogs fill my scattered brain with ideas of DIY home design, sewing projects and substitutes for expensive store-bought products. Not to mention too-easy recipes and party ideas. 

and about your blog...

What is your blog about?

My blog is mostly about my sweet little girl and the baby on the way. I like to sprinkle in some true-life "what was she thinking" moments along with the occasional boast on my husband. I try to keep it real even though I embarrass myself often.

Where is your blog?


How old is your blog?

A little over a year and a half.

Why {do you} blog?

 I blog to record memories that I will surely forget, to let family & friends who are far away still be connected to our little family and to brag on my little girl. (Hey, she's awesome). I also like sharing my failures as a chef, homemaker and woman in general to make other people laugh and feel better about themselves.

Thanks for sharing this sweet peek into your life, Natalie. And, as always, thank you so much for your support of stewart & james! xx

October 24, 2011

namaste and a rainbow

For months years now I have been trying to come up with an exercise routine that works for me and my hectic schedule.  I have tried every angle, I COULD possibly get up at 5 a.m. but then i am BEAT by 6 pm just when things get crazy around the house and I need the energy to get through baths/dinner/homework.  I COULD also wait until Jim gets home but by then all I want to do is crash (I am a morning person).  I COULD possibly try mid-morning while kids are at school but then that takes away from the few hours i can dedicate to stewart & james and my second part time job (working at our church editing videos and handling online media) – and i treasure the time I have with each of these.    So that leaves me to force the kids to join in in the afternoons …


We started an exercise class that is part yoga part dance aerobics.  We  call it danceslashexercise (there were no open time slots for creativity obviously).  MJ insists Beyonce starts us off every day. 

Molly was sick last week when I took pictures so she wasn’t really game, but MJ and Mills embraced the idea.


here’s to hoping it sticks!  there is no set time it just happens when it happens so if you want to join us just stop by and we’ll dance until our heart rate is at an acceptable level to quit.

We also witnessed a beautiful rainbow the same day the above photos were taken


Right at dinner time, my mother-in-law called and told us to look out the front door and this is what greeted us! 


Of course, pictures can’t do it justice, just take my word for it (unless you also witnessed it!), it was beautiful.

Molly couldn’t get over it and insisted that we eat our supper on the porch.


so we did.

have a lovely week!

October 21, 2011

How Cute is...


This darling little mama of one (plus one on the way!) was so sweet to come to our Atlanta show (with her adorable daughter in tow!) and with her purchases made such a cute wall (these are some of our favorite frames!). 

how precious is this doily bunting?! nice work, Nat!

love yellow and gray!

Great job, Natalie! Thanks for sharing!


October 20, 2011


The kids have been on me about the lack of holiday decorations around here so last week when Molly wasn’t feeling so great we decided to spread some halloween cheer.

I started with kraft letters from Hobby Lobby


I used some gold spray paint


Glue sticks (although we would have been better off with some sort of spray adhesive)


and of course, orange glitter







notice Mills is the “artists” of the week with the candy corn picture framed next to her picture.

happy halloween!

October 13, 2011

a sweet & simple baby shower

for sweet Kathryn!  As I mentioned on Friday, my younger sister Kathryn was coming to town for a little baby celebration for her baby boy (Jack).  She is due the beginning of January and we all know how crazy the holidays get so we jumped ahead a little and gave her a shower this past weekend – enjoy the pictures


invitations from minted





the flags on the cupcakes were made from the extra invitations, 4 inch bamboo skewers, & double sided tape



  • cheese straws
  • chicken salad on croissant
  • marinated asparagus
  • orzo



  • coffee punch
  • bloody mary (used Zing Zang – my favorite)
  • water
  • glass bottle cokes



                                                               cute mama to be ^


I used the leftover envelope liners to make a mobile over the gift table and added baby pictures of Kathryn & her husband, Brent







I can’t wait to hold my sweet nephew!

October 12, 2011


We have new followers :)  If you’d like us to feature you! (which we DO want to feature YOU!)  Please send us an e-mail at hello @ stewartandjames . com with the title “feature me!”


If you aren’t a follower yet – become one, it’s easy!  Find the section (pictured above) in the right hand column of the blog and click “Join this site”.  THEN send us an email and we will get a follower feature started on YOU!

October 11, 2011

red is in

Thanks to Arre’s links to fashion blogs and her own fashion posts (because that’s the only way I know anything about fashion and still it seems to escape me most times)  – I hear red lipstick is in.

And apparently so are red frames

003 004

I think that’s true (about the lipstick) until Arre texts me and says red is out we will go with it being in for now :)

October 10, 2011

Being Followed By...

I met Jamie about a year ago when she moved into a house our (my & Arre's) husbands were renting out.  Jim called and asked if I would mind taking some dinner to a new family that just moved in and was really nice :)  He said he really thought I would like the wife (if you know jim, you know that's what he said).  And he was right!  I delivered some soup & homemade tortilla chips to a sweet family of four.  Jamie & Mike have two kids, Brody (2) that mills loves & Vicki (14) who the girls adore and is a good sitter by the way for those of you looking ;).  We have had a great time getting to know them over the past year. They (refreshingly) LOVE Albany and Albany loves them!  Here's Jamie!

how did you discover s&j?
Through purchasing a house that the Fuller Brothers owned

what is your favorite thing to read on s&j?
I love to read about travels taken, childrens milestones and yummy recipes. The inventory updates are nice too :)
what would you like to see more of on s&j?
 I really enjoy the recipe portion and spotlights on local eateries (is that a word?)

why do you read blogs?
To be nosey....nah, just kidding. Usually to keep up with my friends chaotic life as well as coming up with new ideas for parties, decorating, products, etc.

and about your blog...
what is your blog about?
 All about me and my chaotic life as a Momma and Wife. I blog about everything; recipes, depression, motherhood, rants and raves, travel.

what is your blog url?

how long have you blogged?
January of 2011
why do you blog?
Stress reliever as well as a way my family and friends can keep up with our life in Albany since we are 8 hours away from home!!!!!

Thanks Jamie, see you soon! :)

October 7, 2011

how cute is….


kat frame

Kathryn is my younger sister and is due with her first baby (it’s a boy!) in January.  She snapped this picture of a frame in her nursery (which I can’t wait to post once it’s finished!)  Look how adorable my nephew already is!  We are celebrating her and this sweet baby this weekend  - look for a baby shower post soon!

October 6, 2011

you’re stuck with me!

So normally I try to back off of kid post sometimes on this BLOG ABOUT FRAMES, but thanks to Arre’s series on featuring followers it looks like y’all actually LIKE the kid posts :)   And that’s a good thing because you really are stuck with me, for a couple of weeks at least!

Arre went with her sister on an amazing trip to Spain – jealous?!  me too!!!  But I am so excited and happy for them and can not WAIT to hear all about it – we are expecting a full on recap when you get back Arre!  Until then – I will fill you in on our life lately.

Fall is my absolutely favorite season!  I think my favorite thing to do is eat outside but if you live in South Georgia with us you know that can only happen (comfortably) 2-3 months out of the year (how sad is that?!)  So when it happens I embrace it! 

impromptu outdoor dinner:

009  011

sweet molly loves dance


Last weekend we headed to the beach for a wedding that the girls were also invited to…they had a blast – who knew a wedding could be so much fun for kids?!  Saturday morning I had the rare chance to have just Molly & Mills on the beach by myself (MJ is not a beach lover and chose to head off with her dad)


the weather was beautiful (do you know that October is the BEST month to be at the beach?!) and I think I spent at least 40% of the time laughing at Mills chasing birds


she would chase them and as soon as they flinched she’d jump like they were attacking and head the other way.  She tries to be brave but is a chicken at heart.



can you believe this clear water?


Sadly, this is the only picture i got of all the girls dressed for the wedding


They danced their little hearts out at the reception,  Mills met a boyfriend or two (i am scared of her as a teenager) I know they will remember that night for a long time!

When we returned, the girls had fall break so we had some friends over to my parents house for pizza and a little painting (they have a fun tree house and lots of room to run)




And that’s it!  That’s our start to fall. 

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