October 3, 2011

Being Followed By...


Angie is a fellow-Albanian and an avid supporter of stewart & james. Her home has been featured on the blog before - more than once as her s&j collection is ever-changing, as is her life. She and her family (yes, even her small children) lead a selfless, God-fearing life - which is executed in part by their commitment to an organization close to my heart, Young Life. They are inspiring (by 'they' I mean the Elliotts but YL is too!). And you aren't going to want to miss what they have coming next, so be sure to check-out her very own blog (after you learn more about her here, of course!)

I can't quite remember. I think I was invited to a show and fell in love there.

Favorite s&j Reads:
I love just about everything!

Give Me More!
nothing?! ;)

Daily Blog Lovin':
Darby-s blog, of course- flythroughourwindow, Andrea Young's blog- babeofmyheart, some of our good friends who now live in Peru- goodfellowfamily

Why {read} Blog{s}?
It's a great way to stay up-to-date on friends that live far away, but I also love seeing all of the creative things other people are doing. I also love the encouragement I find through so many people's blogs. It reminds me that we all go through similar situations and that others understand.

and about your blog...

What is your blog about?
My family, my kids, life

Where is your blog?

How old is your blog?
About 3 years

Why {do you} blog?
To keep a scrapbook for my kids and to update family and friends we don't see often
Thanks for following Angie - and - as always - thank you so much for your continued support of our business!


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